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November 2019

JWT Magazine November 2019 issue

The conflicts of Kashmir and Hong Kong A reminiscent of British imperialism

_the conflicts of Kashmir & hong kong

The conflicts of Kashmir and Hong Kong A reminiscent of British imperialism Abdul Rasool Syed Presently, the world is witnessing two major conflicts in Asia; one is of Kashmir and the other Hong Kong. Both these conflicts have their roots back in the long-gone British Empire. The grubby legacy of British imperialism is still alive and kicking in these regions. ... Read More »

Indian Ocean and Global Diplomacy


Indian Ocean and Global Diplomacy Osama Rizvi Whether you are an aspiring civil servant or a policymaker in government, geopolitics never ceases to retain its charming relevance. Despite the recent communications revolution and of globalization as it turned the world into a “global village” blurring borders, both have not made any difference to the centuries-old idea from the realm of ... Read More »

Growing Russia-China Bonhomie

NEW - JAG-Putin and Xi NEW

Growing Russia-China Bonhomie A new alliance in the making? Russia’s policy towards China has been one of adaptation and accommodation. Despite increasing asymmetry in power between the two states, Moscow and Beijing have reinforced cooperation and managed to overcome a number of challenges. These included Russia’s policy towards Ukraine, Moscow and Beijing’s competing regional projects in Eurasia and China’s growing ... Read More »

China’s Belt and Road Initiative

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China’s Belt and Road Initiative Debt Trap or Soft Power Catalyst? Shafqat Javed China is a powerful international actor as the world’s most populous country and its second-largest economy. The country also invests significantly in modernizing its military. With signs that the United States will retreat from a leadership role under the Trump administration, China has positioned itself as a ... Read More »