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CSS Comprehension


CSS Comprehension  “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”    — Albert Einstein  What is comprehension? Comprehension is an exercise in reading any material, and then initiating a process of gauging and explaining your understanding of that in simple words. It is a delicate and attention-warranting process whereby an interaction between the reader and the ... Read More »



UNDERSTANDING LEGAL ASPECTS OF THE KASHMIR DISPUTE Kamran Adil “To see an opportunity, we must be open to all thoughts.” — Catherine Pulsifer Introduction Hitherto, Kashmir was discoursed mostly in political, militaristic and strategic terms; the latest, legal engineering by India has, however, carved out an opportunity for the policymakers in Pakistan to, inter alia, understand and explore legal avenues ... Read More »

Reforming SOEs in Pakistan


Reforming SOEs in Pakistan Dr Omer Javed The state-owned enterprises (SOEs) are defined in Pakistan under the (Corporate Governance) Public Sectors Companies’ Rules (PSC Rules, 2013) as those companies where government exercises either direct or indirect beneficiary control or ownership, whereby the government or any agency holds 50% of voting shares or otherwise has ‘the power to elect, nominate or ... Read More »

Khyber Pass Economic Corridor (KPEC)


Khyber Pass Economic Corridor (KPEC) Another corridor to development Pakistan and Afghanistan continue to maintain upward trajectory of trade during last two years and has crossed US$ 2 billion mark in year 2017-18. Pakistan remains the largest export market for Afghanistan. On the other hand, Afghanistan continues to increase its imports from Pakistan, as Afghan imports increased from Pakistan by ... Read More »

Elusive India-Pakistan Peace


Elusive India-Pakistan Peace  Shamshad Ahmad With a lingering suspicion that India had never reconciled to Subcontinent’s partition, Pakistan has been living, since independence, in the shadow of India’s hostility and belligerence. This fear was not exaggerated when Pakistan saw Sikkim, Goa, Hyderabad, Junagadh and Kashmir falling to Indian avarice. This fear is not exaggerated today as Pakistan faces India’s continued ... Read More »

The Rise of Islamophobia


The Rise of Islamophobia How to tackle the challenge Asfand Yar Bhutto Introduction The Muslim world, today, is caught in a vicious cycle of internal and external challenges. As far as internal problems are concerned, it is more than evident that social, political, sectarian cleavages abound with the plight of crumbling economy further adding insult to injury. Externally, the most ... Read More »