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Conspiracies Theories about Covid-19 After all, it’s politics, stupid!


Conspiracies Theories about Covid-19 After all, it’s politics, stupid! Saadia Saif Niazi The mystery as to who started or invented coronavirus that caused the Covid-19 pandemic has sown the seeds of suspicion in every person’s mind. It is because what is happening in the world and what we are witnessing today is no longer a problem being dealt with by ... Read More »

Cognitive Dissonance Theory


Cognitive Dissonance Theory Explaining why behaviours and beliefs disagree When someone tells a lie and feels uncomfortable about it because he fundamentally sees himself as an honest person, he has likely experienced cognitive dissonance. This phenomenon occurs when one’s ideas, beliefs, or behaviours contradict each other. Cognitive Dissonance Theory proposes that individuals experience psychological discomfort when they are confronted with ... Read More »



CLIMATE CHANGE Causes, effects, evidence and how to deal with it Sajad Ali Jatoi Climate means average weather pattern of a particular area over a long period of time – at least thirty years, while Climate change refers to the long-term shift in global average weather patterns i.e. changes in temperature, precipitation and rainfall patterns. These changes in climate are ... Read More »

China-Pakistan Nuclear Energy Cooperation


China-Pakistan Nuclear Energy Cooperation The role of nuclear energy in Pakistan’s national energy mix is set to significantly increase in the coming years as the country seeks to scale-up nuclear power to meet the rising energy demands of a growing population. In the backdrop of falling domestic gas production, gradual closure of inefficient oil-based power plants, and nominal addition of ... Read More »

Achieving a Cleaner and Resilient Generation Mix

Grafenrheinfeld Nuclear Power Plant To Cease Operation

Achieving a Cleaner and Resilient Generation Mix In Pakistan 58 million people lack access to electricity. With growing incomes, population and urbanization, energy demand is increasing, placing pressure on domestic resources. Expansion of electricity generation to meet rising demand and reduce the endemic power blackouts and outages has been a high priority of the Pakistan government. Despite the existence of ... Read More »

A path towards sustainability

People with environmental sustainability concept

Environmental Protection The Path towards Sustainability Last year in March, the United Nations issued its assessment of the global environment in the form of the sixth Global Environmental Outlook, a 708-page compendium of the planet’s ailments. The scientific team that conducted the assessment warned that the Earth’s condition has continued to deteriorate since the first global outlook was prepared in ... Read More »

Water Disputes with India and Afghanistan


Water Disputes with India and Afghanistan Water is a basic human right but the population explosion, technological boom and high demand for water has led to a global water shortage that is endangering millions around the world. Pakistan, especially, is in trouble as both its eastern and western neighbours, being hostile to the country, are putting in collaborative efforts to ... Read More »