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Pakistan’s Tactical Nuclear Device: A Milestone for Deterrence and Stability in South Asia

Pakistan on April 19, 2011 successfully tested its ‘Hatf IX’, the Short Range Ballistic Missile capable of carrying nuclear warhead as well as conventional ones. This invention is also termed as the ‘world’s smartest nuclear device’ and is named by Pakistan army with an Arabic word NASR (to help or to assist). This article describes the salient features of NASR. ... Read More »

Reaching Out to the Neighbours: A Right Step in the Right Direction

Pakistan’s engagements with its neighbours, during the month of February, are not an end but reflect a good beginning towards a difficult, controversial (in case of India) and time-consuming task. Pakistan has to restore trust from within itself before it takes its neighbours into confidence on respecting mutual coexistence. Noted author and journalist Ahmed Rashid advocated in February 2011 ‘exactly ... Read More »

Pakistan’s Energy Crisis: Current Situation and Way Forward

Pakistan should look for all alternatives to increase its electrical energy production by 10,000 MW in two years. This is a very challenging and difficult task. But if it fails to achieve the target, all other indicators will go negative leaving behind a disastrous situation. Energy is assuming central stage due to the rapid economic growth in different parts of ... Read More »

Pakistan and Afghanistan Need no Mediator to Strengthen Mutual Relations

Mohammad Umer Daudzai Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Q:- what is the state of relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan? Ans: There are two major areas of our focus. Our bilateral relations and peace talks with Taliban. Pakistan has declared that she would support Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process. We are exploring that what exactly Pakistan means by supporting us. What are ... Read More »

Our Royal Democrats

Our parliament describes itself as representative of 160 million people and its decisions as expression of popular will. But in reality, the despotic powers of a single dictator or Pharaoh have been distributed among four hundred people. At times, I am surprised at the horrifying success of the global media. There are some people who spend the whole of their ... Read More »

State-Society Relations and the Security Dynamics of South Asia

More human casualties are suffered in South Asia because of the prevailing structural violence in the region which constitutes the generally deplorable conditions in the region done to disease, malnutrition, illiteracy and unemployment, than the direct violence of war. The institutions of governance are directly responsible for this chaos. There is need for radical reforms. South Asia remains one of ... Read More »

World Economic Forum and the Crisis of Capitalism

Capitalism with its emphasis on growth and prosperity has tended to increase inequality and poverty which are detrimental to social stability and harmony. Justifying the acquisition of wealth through its model of competition and efficiency, the operation of capitalism has seen the rich becoming richer to the point of dominating and hegemonising markets and then driving people out-of-work and business ... Read More »