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This Month in History (November)

According to the Georgian calendar, November is the eleventh month of the year. In the early Roman calendar, it was the ninth month. The Roman Senate elected to name the eleventh month for Tiberus Caesar, and since Augustus time, it has had only 30 days. Originally, there were 30 days, then 29, then 31. November comes between the fall and ... Read More »

WORLD IN FOCUS September ‘Oct 2011

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Basic food prices rose by 74 pc in 3 years: The cost of basic food items increased by 74 per cent in three years (from June 2008 to 2011), leading to increased hunger and malnutrition, according to official findings. Pakistan, Iran to expedite gas, power projects: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has agreed with Iranian President Mehmoud Ahmadinejad ... Read More »

Singh No More

The purity of sur and the exploration and graces of the raags were amalgamated in Jagjit Singh’s ghazal though he could not travel the high virtuosity path of Mehdi Hasan Jagjit Singh who died last week was a very popular vocalist. Though he was seventy, he presented a youthful look that went along well with his music which carried a ... Read More »

Literature Nobel Goes to Sweden’s Best-known Poet

Transtromer’s surrealistic works are characterized by powerful imagery that explores the mysteries of the human mind. The Nobel Prize in literature was awarded last week to a psychologist who used his spare time to craft sparsely written poems about the mysteries of everyday life – commuting to work, watching the sun rise or waiting for nightfall. Tomas Transtromer, Sweden’s most ... Read More »

Nobel Laureates

The Nobel Prize, undoubtedly the most prestigious award in the world, is awarded to those individuals who render valuable services to mankind in different fields of life namely physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, peace and economics. The will of the Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, established the prizes in 1895. Consequently the prizes were first awarded ... Read More »

The Man Who Gave us Iqbal

It is an unfortunate fact that while we love to recite Iqbal’s poetry and admire his political, philosophical and religious views, we hardly ever remember his affectionate teacher, friend, guide and benefactor Thomas Arnold It is one of the most interesting ironies of human history that it is full of towering figures of heroic proportion, whose laudable services to mankind ... Read More »

Nothing is Interesting if you are Not Interested

Mr. Azeem Anjum Hanbi Assistant Commissioner Revenue, Quetta Division. Jahangir’s World Times: Please tell us about your-Self education and achievements? Azeem Anjum Hanbi: I belong to the hottest place of Asia i.e. Sibi and did my Matriculation from Boys High School Railway Colony Sibi. I did my graduation in Sociology as a private candidate, I moved to the University of ... Read More »