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Who Should Admit Defeat?

Today, when the people of the world have risen up to liberate themselves from the shackles of capitalism, their first target is that disdainful interest-based economic system, which has robbed them of their life’s savings and brought them on to the footpaths. All are silent and mute. Nobody likes to talk or write about this issue. While talking about this ... Read More »

Predictions of Pakistan’s Future

Pakistan the nation resides uneasily alongside Pakistan the state, and not only is the nation in deep trouble, and has been since independence, but the state of Pakistan is also crumbling, raising the question, to be addressed later, as to whether the state can support the idea, or the idea can sustain the state. After 9/11 the official and establishment ... Read More »

Rallies and Rise of Imran Khan

In Pakistan, some political thinkers have hoped the emergence of third political force. Undoubtedly, Imran Khan is that force. But it would be nave to think that the PTI would wipe out the main political parties. In the last week of October the country’s political scene remained highly vibrant with one party after the other announcing and holding rallies as ... Read More »

MFN Status to India: Merits and Demerits

Granting MFN status to India may be beneficial for both countries. It may expand the size of the market because of trade creation and trade diversion. This possibly can help expand production on a large scale and also infuses competition into markets. Introduction In international economic relations and international politics, Most Favored Nation (MFN) is a status or level of ... Read More »

Baba Farid & Guru Nanak Impact of Sufism on Sikhism

The Sufis during the Sultanate period had acquired great veneration from the masses due to their being independent preachers of monotheism and concept of equality and their services towards the humanity. Their shrugging off the state patronage and criticism of the state system brought them closer to the people. When Muslims came to India, it was Punjab through which they ... Read More »

Charting the Way Forward

Theme for the 17th SAARC summit titled ‘Building bridges’ is most appropriate. The establishment of physical connectivity in the form of improved trade, air, road and shipping links will help the fulfillment of long-awaited dream of economic integration. The ‘Addu Declaration’, a 20-point agenda, marked the conclusion of the 17th SAARC summit. In the Communique, the member states reiterated their ... Read More »

Our Systemic Perversities

The story of a society that has been going round and round in aimless circles for the last 64 years. Absence of democracy, rule of law and good governance is its continuing hallmark For any state in the contemporary world, its constitution is its solemn and inviolable ‘social contract’ which guarantees fundamental the freedoms and basic rights of its citizens, ... Read More »

Government of Balochistan is Doing its Level Best to Carry Out Development Work

Mr. Ahmad Bukhsh Lehri DMG, 7th Common Chief Secretary, Balochistan Mr. Ahmad Bukhsh Lehri is one of the senior Baloch officers of ‘Civil Service of Pakistan’. He joined the ‘Civil Service’ as a DMG officer on 5th April 1980; he spent most of his service in Balochistan. While during the service he served on key positions in the provincial government ... Read More »

This Month in History (November)

According to the Georgian calendar, November is the eleventh month of the year. In the early Roman calendar, it was the ninth month. The Roman Senate elected to name the eleventh month for Tiberus Caesar, and since Augustus time, it has had only 30 days. Originally, there were 30 days, then 29, then 31. November comes between the fall and ... Read More »