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We Do Not Have Capable people for the Suitable Jobs

Munir Ahmad Badini, ‘Pride of Performance, DMG, 8th Common, Secretary Environment & Sports, Government of Balochistan Munir Ahmad Badini is one of the senior Baloch officers of the National Civil Service. He joined the Civil Service as a DMG officer in 1980 and spent most of his service in Balochistan. He served on key positions in the government of Balochistan. ... Read More »

Every Individual Should Strengthen the Education Syste

Arshad Hussain Director, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES – FAST) Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): Please tell us something about your education and area of expertise?Arshad Hussain: I got PhD in electrical engineering from Polytechnic Institute of New York University. I am an electrical engineer and a graduate of University of Engineering and Technology (UET). I did my ... Read More »

All is Not Lost Yet

The armed forces of Pakistan are responsible for our defence and are thus, the symbol of our national pride. Any weakness on their part will jeopardise our national security and integrity and for a nation, there can be no loss worse than this. Criticism in our society is generally treated in negative terms and is often described as a product ... Read More »

Use Your Word Power Right

In the sentences below, choose the words or phrases in parentheses that are correct or preferred usage. Answers follow. A certain (party, person) whom I won’t mention says she likes you. She (ought not, hadn’t ought) to go. Being as, Because, Being that) it’s late, I cannot go. I’m not going (anywhere, anywheres). (Regardless, Irregardless, Disregardless) of the price, I’ll ... Read More »

WORLD IN FOCUS May- June 2011

NATIONAL AFFAIRS India set to squeeze Pak waters while officials sleep; military takes notice: Pakistan’s Armed Forces were alarmed when Sheraz Memon, Commissioner of Pakistan’s Indus Water Commission (PICW) submitted to the Senate Committee on Water secret documents pertaining to the mishandling of projects constructed or being erected by India on Pakistan’s rivers. These include Baglihar, Uri-11, Nimmu Bazgo, Chutak ... Read More »

Most Expected Questions for PMS-2011

Geography Paper-1 Geography Paper-1 What are different types of Rocks? Classify them and give their economic importance. Write a note on the internal structure of the earth. How earthquakes happen. Discuss Plate Techtonic Theory in detail. What are land features associated with glaciers, rivers and wind erosion and deposition? Explain the concept of insolation. Discuss heat balance between earth and ... Read More »

Proper guidance helps you in getting higher marks

preparing the CSS First of all, I would discuss the optional subjects. The scoring subjects are: Islamic History, Geography, Psychology, International Law, Regional languages like – Punjabi, Pushto, Sindhi, Balochi, Journalism, International Relations, etc. Before preparing the CSS, the candidate should keep in mind that the CSS is the exam to compete with thousands of the candidates. So, the first ... Read More »

CSS is an Exam of Commitment and Dedication.

Haseeb Gohar 55th position, CSS-2010 Jahangir’ World Times: Throw light on your education and achievements. Haseeb Gohar: I did matriculation from Pakistan International Public School, Gujranwala, by securing 763/850 marks. Later I joined Punjab College for Boys, Gujran-wala, in pre-engineering and stood 10th in the Gujranwala Board. I got admission in one of the most prestigious university of Pakistan, University ... Read More »