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World’s 20 Most Beautiful Airports World


World’s 20 Most Beautiful Airports World Going to the airport is not exactly considered a joyful experience. But sometimes the facilities can make air travel slog feel a bit nicer. Many airports across the globe boast striking architecture, beautiful art, luxury shopping, and even special amenities such as zen gardens, spas and movie theatres. Here are 22 beautiful airports around ... Read More »

Prof. Dr Ashraf Shaheen Qaisrani

Dr. Ashraf 1

An Interview with Prof. Dr Ashraf Shaheen Qaisrani Former Head, Islamic Studies Department, University of Balochistan Muhammad Atif Sheikh Intro Prof. Dr Ashraf Shaheen Qaisrani is popular among intellectual circles of Balochistan. He has remained head of the Islamic Studies department at the University of Balochistan and also the head of its Seerat Chair and retired in 2012 from the ... Read More »

A Road to Self-Connection


A Road to Self-Connection Laiba MuhammadAamir In today’s world, where science and technology are conquering every small aspect of life, and people are running after material success, the connection of a person to his/her soul is completely broken. We have already surpassed the past ages in the field of material development but the bridge to one’s soul will hardly be ... Read More »

The Middle East and China’s Belt and Road Initiative

2017 BRI Twitter Banner

The Middle East and China’s Belt and Road Initiative China’s presence in the Middle East is on the rise, particularly in the framework of its Belt and Road Initiative. As the US draws down its commitments in the region, China has scaled up its engagement, developing relations with a myriad of countries, including those on different sides of regional divides. ... Read More »

The Power of Siberia Deepening China-Russia Partnership


The Power of Siberia Deepening China-Russia Partnership Magazine Desk December 2nd was a notable day in the strategic relationship between Beijing and Moscow, which saw the first shipments of Russian natural gas to China via the much-awaited Power of Siberia pipeline.  The $55 billion project is Russia’s most significant energy undertaking since the collapse of the Soviet Union, part of ... Read More »

Motivations for South Asian Nuclearisation


 Motivations for South Asian Nuclearisation Shafqat Javed The twentieth century witnessed an exponential growth in war technology. The century witnessed the machine-gun, main battle tank and armoured fighting vehicles, the aircraft, and the nuclear weapon. These weapons added a cataclysmic dimension to that war when they were dropped on Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Nuclear weapons not only injured ... Read More »