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Education for all: Still a far cry

Education is vital for Pakistan’s progress but we have made it as an instrument for going up the social ladder. At the time of independence, Pakistan had poor educated system and a few schools, colleges and only one university, the University of the Punjab, Lahore. Initially, our entire system of education was state-run. Now education is taken care of both ... Read More »

A truly independent foreign policy especially for small and medium sized powers is not possible

Pakistan is the only hope for the people living in this country. Why are we unable to have an independent foreign policy? In the world of diplomacy, professionals recognise that a truly independent foreign policy especially for small and medium sized powers is not possible. There are two reasons: first, because of the limited capabilities of the state and second, ... Read More »

Geo-strategic importance of Pakistan

The US and its NATO allies which were engaged in a bitter the Cold War with the then Soviet Union decided to use Pakistan as a frontline state against their enemy. Prof Munawar Sabir in his scholarly lecture delivered at the Superior University, Lahore, exclusively for the CSS students preparing for interview on ‘Geo-strategic importance of Pakistan’. He highlighted the ... Read More »

Feb 5: A day to remember Kashmiris’ sacrifices

It is incumbent on the international community in general and governing world bodies in particular to force India to stop shedding Kashmiris blood. Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto announced in 1990 to observe February 5 as Kashmir Day to show solidarity with the people of Indian-held Kashmir. Kashmiris and Pakistanis around the world observe this day to express solidarity with ... Read More »

The nature of interest and Riba

Can the Muslim scholars resolve the age-old controversies centred on the twin concepts of interest and Riba? Looking at the state of the current debate, the answer is in the negative. With every passing day, these controversies get deeper and more complex as new approaches are adopted by the Muslim thinkers to substantiate a given point of view on the ... Read More »

Good understanding of subjects which are studied at graduation and master’s level leads to success

Aspirants must keep this thing in minds that the CSS is a doable task. I have done masters in three subjects: Islamic Studies, Political Science and Economics as an external student from University of Balochistan. After graduation in 2005, I passed the exam of Balochistan Public Service Commission (BPSC) and got the post of ‘Industrial development officer’ (BS-16). During this ... Read More »

Sectarian violence in Pakistan

The implications of sectarian clashes are manifold, everlasting and irreversible. It has divided the whole country on sectarian basis along with already threatening provincial, ethnic, political and linguistic prejudices prevailing in the country. Almighty God says in the Holy Quran; ‘And hold fast, all of you together, to the rope of Allah (the Holy Quran) and be not divided among ... Read More »

Hindutva terrorism Bomb for a bomb Chilling confessions

India is a large democracy and claims to be a secular state but the perusal of history indicates that Hindu terrorism had always been part of Indian religio-political culture and was advocated by leaders of right wing fundamentalist parties. The involvement of Indian fundamentalist parties and their leaders in gruesome terror attacks on minorities derived from religious motivations were constantly ... Read More »

Global Zero: world without nuclear weapons

It is clear that if we don’t achieve ‘Global Zero’, our planet is always at risk, of being converted into a ‘Ground Zero. Outline 1.    Introduction 2.    Brief history of nuclear weapons 3.    Perils of nuclear weapons 4.    Need to eliminate nuclear weapons 5.    Global zero initiative 6.    Is this goal achievable? Yes: a.    Historical support b.    Political will c.   ... Read More »

“The required thing to excel is commitment and dedication under proper and sincere guidance”

Throw light on your education and achievements. Although I have an ordinary education background yet I have been blessed with extraordinary career achievements. I am masters in Economics. I got admission in MBBS at Chandka Medical College (CMC), Larkana, but I quit it and went for job at the age of 20 due to family responsibilities. I have been working ... Read More »