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Anthropology The study of human culture and society


  Anthropology The study of human culture and society Anthropology was introduced as an optional subject carrying 100 marks through Syllabi for Competitive Examination (CSS) 2016 & Onwards. It is a good subject to be opted for as it covers socio-cultural and biological aspects of man in terms of evolution and variation, is one subject in which aspirants with biology, ... Read More »

UK & Parliamentary Sovereignty


UK & Parliamentary Sovereignty Parliamentary sovereignty is a concept of great importance in parliamentary democracies because it gives laws formulated by the people’s representatives great weight. It makes the laws they make the highest and ultimate source of power which citizens look up to for protection of their common interests such as duties, rights, moralities, and so on, as well ... Read More »

Misconceptions about Essay Writing for CSS Exam


Misconceptions about Essay Writing for CSS Exam Aspirants preparing for the CSS examination have been lately complaining that they remain confused because of the diverse and contradictory instructions provided by some self-proclaimed CSS mentors, especially regarding the outline, introduction and paragraphing of the essay. Following submissions may help clear this widespread confusion. Sorry you have no rights to view this ... Read More »

Single National Curriculum is a must for social cohesion and National Integration


Single National Curriculum is a must for social cohesion and National Integration This Essay by Mr Muhammad Noman was declared winner of the 4th JWT Essay Competition with 57 marks. The essays sent by Dr Saadullah (55 marks) and Faraz Ali (52 marks) have secured second and third position, respectively. These essays will be published in the upcoming issues of ... Read More »

Covid-19 and SDGS It’s time to recalibrate the goals


Covid-19 and SDGS It’s time to recalibrate the goals This year has exposed the world’s extraordinary fragility. Managing a pandemic is hard enough. Doing so while addressing other urgent stresses—like inequality, violence, and climate change—adds to the degree of difficulty. What should, then, be done to move forward? The answer lies in recalibrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as Covid-19 ... Read More »

Understanding The Indo-Pacific


Understanding The Indo-Pacific  The Indo-Pacific has become a locus of twenty-first century attention. It connects large swathes of the globe, which has made it a major geopolitical factor. The almost concurrent rise of China and India and the rapidly changing dynamics of the region now make this construct even more important. India’s increased regional engagements and its strategic partnership with the ... Read More »

The 5 Sectors of the Economy


The 5 Sectors of the Economy Economy Human activities that generate income are known as economic activities which then contribute to form a nation’s economy. In the economy, industry and commerce are divided into different areas, called sectors. This term can be derived from the Latin word “sector” and literally means “something that cuts”. A sector is therefore a section ... Read More »

US Presidential Foreign Policy Doctrines


US Presidential Foreign Policy Doctrines  A long journey from Interventionism to america First  Historically, a US presidential foreign policy doctrine has served to define the national interest of a specific administration in a public manner, informing the American people and their allies, as well as putting potential adversaries on notice. James Monroe pronounced the first major presidential foreign policy doctrine ... Read More »



CRIMINOLOGY  The discipline of criminology has established itself in the developed world, and is now emerging as a field of immense interest in the developing and transitional nations. We are now seeing not only academic institutions and justice agencies, but also many professional societies of criminology engaging in the promotion of criminological knowledge and research around the globe. Pakistan, though ... Read More »