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Peace Deal Between Taliban and United States of America

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Peace Deal Between Taliban and United States of America The theoretical framework of the deal is now set, but its implementation on the ground and manifestation in the Arg (Afghan Presidential Palace in Kabul) are yet to be seen. The United States has done a tremendous, yet a tricky, job by accepting Taliban as a legitimate political force in Afghanistan. ... Read More »

Green Economy

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Green Economy2 The world is not in a good shape at the moment — food prices are rising, freshwater sources are depleting, energy prices are soaring, biodiversity is dying out, intense storms are damaging towns and cities, while floods and droughts are threatening the livelihoods of millions. Clearly, climate change is playing a major role in taking its toll on ... Read More »


Muslim men wearing protective masks perform Friday prayers at a mosque in Kuwait City on February 28, 2020. - Kuwait's Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs set the Friday prayer sermon to not exceed 10 minutes, and to discuss precautions against COVID-19 coronavirus disease infections. Kuwait has recorded 43 coronavirus cases since its outbreak, the United Arab Emirates reported 13, while Bahrain has 33, and Oman is at four cases. Government institutions in the gulf country suspended the use of fingerprint recognition to clock in and out. (Photo by YASSER AL-ZAYYAT / AFP)

Islamic Teachings about Disasters and Coronavirus Attaurrehman Khilji ‘Disaster’ is defined as a sudden and great misfortune or calamity whereas an event or occurrence that provokes or triggers disaster is called ‘hazard’. It is a natural or manmade phenomenon that may cause physical damage and loss of lives, as well as economic loss or threaten human life and wellbeing if ... Read More »