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Pakistan-China Defence Pact


Pakistan-China Defence Pact on November 29, Pakistan and China signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to further deepen cooperation between the two countries’ armies. The MoU on enhancing cooperation between the two armies came against the backdrop of regional security situation. Pakistan and China have already strategic partnership and recent changes in the region further pushed the two ‘all-weather iron ... Read More »

Anthropology The study of human culture and society


  Anthropology The study of human culture and society Anthropology was introduced as an optional subject carrying 100 marks through Syllabi for Competitive Examination (CSS) 2016 & Onwards. It is a good subject to be opted for as it covers socio-cultural and biological aspects of man in terms of evolution and variation, is one subject in which aspirants with biology, ... Read More »

The Hydra-headed Monster of Domestic Violence


The Hydra-headed Monster of Domestic Violence In ‘Red Sugar, No More’, the author Sijdah Hussain advises: “Open your mouth and let the spiders out!” Talking to others and speaking one’s heart out is, indeed, an effective means to resolving the differences, creating awareness, clearing misunderstandings, opening up new avenues, destroying taboos, debunking myths and seeking help. This is the way ... Read More »



Al-Qarawiyyin When thinking of the oldest universities in the world, probably the first ones that come to your mind are Oxford and Bologna, but according to UNESCO and the Guinness World Records, Al-Qarawiyyin University is the “oldest existing, and continually operating educational institution in the world.”Founded in 859 AD by Tunisian-born Fatima al-Fihri in Morocco’s Fez, the university is not ... Read More »

Emotional Intelligence and its Quadrants


Emotional Intelligence and its Quadrants Emotional intelligence (also known as emotional quotient or EQ) is the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict. An emotionally intelligent individual is both highly conscious of his or her own emotional states, even negativity—frustration, sadness or ... Read More »