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Power Politics in Indian Ocean.


Power Politics in Indian Ocean. Global politics will always retain its relevance and global powers are always in search for a platform to vie. Indian Ocean has become such a platform for the global leadership. Global shift from geo-politics to geo-economics and use of sea lanes for global trade and energy transportation have rendered the importance of ports and seas ... Read More »

Islamic Concept of War and ISLAMOPHOBIA


Islamic Concept of War and ISLAMOPHOBIA Islam being a religion of peace provides a complete code of life, covering both individual and collective aspects of human life under the sovereignty of Allah Almighty; the most Compassionate. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) was also sent as a mercy for all the creatures (Surah al-Anbia:107). Then, how can it be possible that ... Read More »

Foreign Policy


Foreign Policy Foreign policies are, in most cases, designed through coalitions of domestic and international actors and groups. When analyzing the head of government, or in other words, the executor of foreign policies, many motivating factors can be identified to explain the rationale behind decisions taken. Some factors of influence include the leader’s own personality and cognition, degree of rationality, ... Read More »

Revitalizing the Agriculture Sector of Pakistan

Icons and field on background. Concept of smart agriculture and modern technology

Revitalizing the Agriculture Sector of Pakistan Despite being neglected over the decades, the agriculture sector remains the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. It is still the largest sector of the economy of Pakistan in terms of labour participation, and as such livelihood of the majority of the population directly or indirectly depends on it. This sector employs approximately 40% of the ... Read More »

Incorporating 21st -Century Skills in Education


Incorporating 21st -Century Skills in Education The Next big Thing for Pakistan  At a time when the Covid-19 pandemic has rattled every country with its long-lasting, deleterious impact, it is obvious that our rapidly-changing world is faced with increasingly complex global challenges. Climate change, migrant crisis and epidemics and pandemics are some daunting challenges that require creative collaboration across borders. ... Read More »


Essay Outlines.1

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Nagorno – Karabakh Conflict Azerbaijan and Armenia reignited a decades-old ‘Frozen conflict’


Nagorno – Karabakh Conflict Azerbaijan and Armenia reignited a decades-old ‘Frozen conflict’ Violence flared up in a long-running conflict on Europe’s eastern edge in late September as Armenia and Azerbaijan clashed over the embattled region of Nagorno-Karabakh. Armenia said that on the morning of September 27, Azerbaijan launched air and artillery attacks on Nagorno-Karabakh, while Baku says it was conducting ... Read More »



DEBT SERVICE SUSPENSION INITIATIE   Background On April 12, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan (PMIK), urged the world leaders, the UN Secretary-General, and heads of financial institutions across the globe to give debt relief to developing countries like Pakistan so that they could combat the deadly Covid-19 in a better way. Highlighting the need for such a relief, PMIK ... Read More »