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Virtual Diplomacy


Virtual Diplomacy The coronavirus pandemic has affected the world massively and its impact is already being felt at the local, regional and international levels in multifarious ways. International diplomacy is one area that is at the centre of the whole phenomenon, and we have seen this phenomenon at this year’s annual session of the United Nations General Assembly. Traditionally, the ... Read More »

The Unholy Alliance


The Unholy Alliance  Like many other flabbergasting happenings in international arena such as US-Iran clashes after the killing of Qassem Soleimani, hyper politics between China and the United States over Covid-19, etc., the year 2020 brought a new twist in international relations. The event that has re-ordered the Middle East diplomacy is an astonishingly unholy US-brokered deal which was signed ... Read More »


Global Warming and human waste ,Pollution Concept - Sustainability.

CLIMATE CHANGE EMERGENCY AND GLOBAL RESPONSE Climate change, in immediate future, will be an inevitable national security threat; less to the developed economies, much to the developing ones. Although debate on the subject has been overwhelming, yet the implementation of emission-reduction policies in the developed countries that contribute to the worst of climate change more than what they have been ... Read More »

Plato’s Cave Two important lessons for our society


Plato’s Cave Two important lessons for our society Mawra Raja Plato’s cave is typically familiar to three types of people: those with keen interest in philosophy, multi-discipline self-readers and readers of political philosophy. The story is typically but rightly pigeonholed as an allegory because it is fictitious and a thought-provoking experiment for those who wish to minimize the harms of ... Read More »

Kicking Away the Ladder How did the rich countries really become rich?


Kicking Away the Ladder How did the rich countries really become rich? Muhammad Shahid Rafique There is currently great pressure on developing countries to adopt a set of “good policies” and “good institutions” … to foster their economic development. When some developing countries show reluctance in adopting them, the proponents of this recipe often find it difficult to understand these ... Read More »