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Research Report

How much time does a user spend on social media?

Atif Sheikh

How much time does a user spend on social media? Since there has been no seminal work in this regard in Pakistan, therefore, we have to rely on data made available from different sources to find out the duration as correct as possible. According to a report titled as “Digital 2020: Global Digital Overview,” the state of affairs regarding use ... Read More »

Line of Actual Control


Line of Actual Control With China’s growing military presence at the Line of Actual Control (LAC), a 4,057-km porous border running through glaciers, snow deserts, mountains and rivers separate India and China, tensions in the Himalayas have flared again in recent weeks, giving birth to a fear that the jostling could turn into an unintended full-blown military action. Sorry you ... Read More »

Unbridled Social Media Great power involves great responsibility


Unbridled Social Media Great power involves great responsibility Atif Sheikh “British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has died,” this 7-word piece of news from a Twitter handle went viral on 7th of April. PM Johnson was, at that time, under treatment for coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in an ICU of St Thomas’ Hospital, in London. The news of his death was broken ... Read More »

Coronavirus Hips Pakistan Hard

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Coronavirus Hips Pakistan Hard Shabbir Ahmad Shaheen is the proprietor of a Lahore-based design and construction company. His business started as a part of informal economy but it is now a firm that regularly pays taxes and has a wide network of labour and skilled workers attached with it. He, too, is worried about the prevailing situation. He says that ... Read More »

Prolonged TV Watching How it impacts your physical and mental health


Prolonged TV Watching How it impacts your physical and mental health Muhammad Atif Sheikh While a training session on effective communication skills was being conducted, the participants seemed a bit tired. Upon seeing this, the trainer asked them all to stand and raise their arms parallel to the chest. When everyone did that, the trainer held his left elbow in ... Read More »

Madrassah Education in Pakistan

Children belonging to Rohingya Muslim community read Koran at a madrasa, or a religious school, at a makeshift settlement, on the outskirts of Jammu, May 6, 2017. Picture taken on May 6, 2017. REUTERS/Mukesh Gupta

Madrassah Education in Pakistan Mainstreaming and reform is the way forward Muhammad Atif Sheikh International Literacy Day is observed around the world on 8th September every year. The basic purpose behind observing this day, on the one hand, is to reiterate the strong resolve to make all-out efforts to promote education while also analyzing, on the other, the efforts made ... Read More »

Rethinking Urbanization in Pakistan

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Rethinking Urbanization in Pakistan The Population Bomb and Food Security Muhammad Atif Sheikh Beware! Our cities are fast eating up our agricultural lands and the threat of being food insecure looms large in the urban population of our country. This was what Mr Rana Riaz Mehmood, Assistant Horticulture Officer, Lahore, stunned me with. This forewarning made me think as to ... Read More »