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Research Report

Think Tanks, Shaping Public Policy for Better Future

Think Tanks

In the bygone days when one needed advice or instruction on some matter, one would try to find a sagacious person. Owing to their acumen, experience and skills, these erudite and wise people were valued and people would often consult them; even kings would accord them a special status in their courts and would incorporate their suggestions in their decisions. ... Read More »

Preserving Biodiversity, Reiterate the Resolve on World Environment Day 2016

research report

A famous Urdu proverb “Zinda Hathi Lakh Ka, Mara Hua Sawa Lakh Ka,” which, in English, loosely means that a valuable thing becomes even more profitable after its death, seems true for the illegal trade of wild animals. The etymology of this famous proverb does also have an implied mention of this illegal trade that is in full swing nowadays. ... Read More »


Trends in International Arms Transfers

On 22nd February 2016, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) issued its Fact Sheet entitled “Trends in International Arms Transfers, 2015” which includes new information on arms transfers in 2015 and updated information for 1950-2014. This Fact Sheet highlights key trends and issues in arms transfers that are revealed by the new data. It lists the main exporters and ... Read More »

Gulf Cooperation Council

gulf cooperation council

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is a political and economic alliance made up of six Middle Eastern countries located in the Gulf region on the Arabian peninsula. The bloc aims to boost economic cooperation between members and, through collective security, to guard against any threat from neighbouring states and from Islamic extremism. The GCC also aims to achieve unity among ... Read More »

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence, Eliminating Gender-based Violence

16 days of activism

Violence against women is, in fact, a delineation of the flawed thinking that is not willing to grant women and girls their due rights. People with this mindset treat women only as an object of sexual satisfaction, sumptuousness and unconditional slavery and loyalty. Those infested with this thinking, owing to their ego and false beliefs, think that degrading women is ... Read More »