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PAKISTAN-INDIA WATER CONFLICT Nature, Impacts and Solutions


PAKISTAN-INDIA WATER CONFLICT Nature, Impacts and Solutions   For over seven decades, water has been a principal reason behind conflict between Pakistan and India. The Indus Waters Treaty (IWT) resolved the issue to a great extent, but it did not prove fruitful in the long run because of frequent violations by India. The recent statements of Indian Prime Minister, Narendra ... Read More »

Water Scarcity in Pakistan.


Water Scarcity in Pakistan. Pakistan is, currently, mired in several multifarious crises, but one of the most pressing issues that the country faces at the moment is the water crisis. Pakistan faces a serious water crisis as per-capita water availability falls due to diminishing freshwater supplies and the exponentially increasing demands of the country’s burgeoning population. According to the National ... Read More »

Transition to Sustainable Economy


  Transition to Sustainable Economy Every time a crisis unfolds, the hopeful among us point to the possibility that in every crisis exists an opportunity. Covid-19 has been no exception. Even those who like to see the glass half-full are already pointing to significant improvement in air pollution metrics in the wake of the lockdowns. Others are happy to flag ... Read More »

The Education Dilemma of Pakistan

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The Education Dilemma of Pakistan Education is the road to national development. Being a dynamic force, a viable education system enables a nation to achieve its national goals. Since its inception, Pakistan, being a developing country, has been facing critical problems in its education sector. Perhaps, this is the reason why the system of education has failed to meet the ... Read More »

The Ballooning Circular debt


The Ballooning Circular debt Transmission and distribution parts of the supply chain of Pakistan’s power sector are exclusively owned, managed and operated by the public sector whereas the production sector enjoys contributions from both public and private companies. At the generation level, WAPDA, KESC, Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission are generating electricity from an installed generation ... Read More »

SCO INDIA-PAKISTAN RELATION can it build the bridges

SCO puzzle concept, 3D rendering

SCO INDIA-PAKISTAN RELATION can it build the bridges Since the ancient times, alliance system has been into the international arena, perhaps because of the fact that it provides an assurance of firm support and commitment by the other. However, with much of the polarization in the realm of international politics, relations among states have also been revamped. Alliances and organizations ... Read More »

Recent Facilitative Measures for Taxpayers


Recent Facilitative Measures for Taxpayers Facilitation of taxpayers is largely measured in terms of ease of filing and paying taxes. Time to comply, number of tax payments, total tax and contribution rates and post-filing index are the indicators used to assess ease of filing and paying taxes in a tax jurisdiction. The number of payments indicator includes the total number ... Read More »

Covid-19 and Eradication of Poverty


Covid-19 and Eradication of Poverty The World Bank Group, in its recent biennial report “Poverty and Shared Prosperity 2020: Reversals of Fortune,” has predicted that between 88 million and 115 million people could fall back to poverty line in 2020 due to Covid-19. It was becoming increasingly unrealistic to expect that the goal of reducing extreme poverty to less than ... Read More »

Policing Strategies and Police Reforms in Pakistan


Policing Strategies and Police Reforms in Pakistan Police reforms have been a part of larger governance discourse in Pakistan over the years. Over three dozen initiatives/reports/commissions have produced wealth of knowledge in the domain that has contributed towards basic literature on police reforms in the country. The thrust of these reforms’ material, on analysis, will reveal that their focus has ... Read More »

Is Plebiscite in Kashmir Workable?


Is Plebiscite in Kashmir Workable? When Britain liquidated her Indian empire, the question arose: to whom would power be transferred? This was settled by a process of election. The Indian National Congress won an overwhelming majority of votes in Hindu‑majority areas and the All-India Muslim League did the same in Muslim‑majority areas. Through a tripartite agreement concluded by Britain, the ... Read More »