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The Woes of Criminal Justice System in Pakistan

The civil and criminal justice system in Pakistan has historically been confronted with complaints of inefficiencies, serious legal and procedural lacunas and inordinate delays. All these challenges in litigation of civil and criminal cases have, over time, become chronic and proverbial. These challenges in the law and justice system of Pakistan, however, need to be seen against the backdrop of ... Read More »

TRUMP BEWARE Pakistan’s luck playing China card is turning

By: Andrew Small At the lowest ebb of the last annus horribilis for US-Pakistan ties in 2011, soon after the special forces raid that killed Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan brandished the China card: if relations with Washington were going into a tailspin, Islamabad would turn to Beijing instead. But, China discreetly made it clear to both the United ... Read More »

Stability-Instability Paradox, and India’s Fourth Generation Warfare against Pakistan

The stability–instability paradox is relatively a new concept in strategic studies and international relations. It was one of the several concepts evolved during the Cold War period to explain why “stability” at the strategic level between the two superpowers led to “instability” at the lower levels of the conflict. This paradox continues to remain a subject of intense debate even ... Read More »

The Case for More Provinces, A roadmap for a stronger Pakistan

“People have declared it necessary with one voice to have a new province in Sindh, the unanimity of public opinion demonstrates that a new province has become our fate.” This very statement by a political leader spurred a debate in the country for amending the constitution for creating new provinces. Perfection can never be achieved for any piece of work. ... Read More »

Women Elected on Reserved Seats, Are they eligible for the top slot?

Recently, I heard an argument presented in a TV talk show that the women elected on reserved seats in federal and provincial legislatures are not eligible to contest the election for the top slot of their respective assembly because these women are nominated, and not elected, members of the assembly. Through this article, I would make an effort to elucidate ... Read More »

Pakistan’s Democracy Will Survive

The decision by Pakistan’s Supreme Court to remove from office Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who had a comfortable majority in the National Assembly, is viewed by many in the West as an ominous sign of renewed political instability, if not heralding a return to authoritarianism. But, Pakistan’s political history suggests otherwise. By: Shahid Javed Burki Today’s Pakistan emerged not in ... Read More »