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Great Central Asia, America’s counter measure to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor


China’s ambitious global geo-political objective has raised concern among American strategists, which China attempts to Isolate America at the global level. The claim has become more evident during the G20 summit when China curbed president Trump effort to pass a joint declaration in order to condemn North Korea’s recent ICBM test. Newly, the Pentagon alleged China and there was also ... Read More »

The corruption imperative

Corruption is now widely discussed and condemned in Pakistan. There seems to be a growing realisation that corruption isn’t just about kickbacks, embezzlement and fraud. Instead, with its complex fiscal, intellectual and ethical ramifications, it has far-reaching consequences. From endangering life, hurting prospects for development and economic growth and widening inequalities to weakening the social fabric, fostering terrorism, imperiling the ... Read More »

Stemming the Tide: The Halting of Brain Drain in Pakistan vis-à-vis CPEC

Since the independence of Pakistan, the South Asian drive and appreciation of occupational niches and resultant prestige has continued to render a distinguished cadre of educated professionals within a variety of fields, whether it be medicine, engineering, legal affairs, and the bureaucracy. However, as cracks began to appear in the country’s methods relating to meritocracy in the workplace and in ... Read More »

Pakistan’s water challenges

Pakistani and Indian officials met for the second time in two months in Washington to find ways to resolve their long-running disputes relating to water distribution between the two neighbouring countries. The two days of talks, brokered by the World Bank, focused on Pakistan’s objections on Ratle (850MW) and Kishanganga (330MW) hydroelectric projects of India on Chenab and Jhelum which ... Read More »

PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s speech at UNGA

Mr. President, Excellencies, Distinguished delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen, Let me first congratulate Mr. Miroslav Lajcak on his election as the President of the 72nd session of the General Assembly. I am confident that his long experience in public service and international relations will be an asset in successfully guiding this august Assembly to address the imposing challenges of security, development ... Read More »

What’s the U.S.’s Best Chance With North Korea? Russia

MOSCOW — Russia is usually seen as relatively unimportant to most discussions about the North Korea nuclear crisis, yet it is in a unique position to help de-escalate it. Despite rising tensions between Moscow and Washington — over Russia’s interventions in Crimea and Syria, and the very principles of the world order — Russia has voted twice in recent weeks ... Read More »

Key takeaways from census results

So we are 207+ million in number, up from 132+ million back in 1998. If we keep on growing like this, we’ll be the third-largest country in the world by 2050 with 450+ million humans, behind India and China. This growth rate is outrageous. For the last 19 years, we have been adding one person to our population every eight ... Read More »

Alleviation of polydimensional poverty demands manifold measures

LAHORE: The multilayered dynamics of poverty and the tortuous underlying causes for its being so relentlessly widespread in our country have always been turned a blind eye to because hunger, which is only one of its dimensions, has been mistaken for impoverishment. The economic survey 2016-17 is silent on the state of poverty in Pakistan except a sweeping statement that ... Read More »

The population bomb

Despite predictions to the contrary, the preliminary results of the 6th Population and Housing Census 2017 have been released. They were presented to the Council of Common Interests, one of the highest decision making bodies of the government, for further consideration and action. It seems that its short stint in office, the Abbasi government is taking more decisions in the ... Read More »

Militarisation of America’s Afghan policy

On August 21st, in front of an audience of military personnel gathered at Fort Myer, Virginia, President Donald Trump announced a new strategy for dealing with the situation in Afghanistan. During the long campaign for the presidency, Trump said that he did not want to have the American troops fighting foreign wars. He would, he told his cheering supporters, the ... Read More »