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Democracy in Pakistan Hopes and hurdles

1. Introduction 2. An Overview of Political History of Pakistan Inception of Pakistan and initial problems The game of musical chair during the first eleven years Imposition of martial law by Ayub Khan Secession of East Pakistan Democratic Pakistan in the 70s Overthrow of democratic government by General Zia-ul-Haq Miracles of 58-2(b) in the 90s Entry of Pervez Musharraf and ... Read More »

Higher Education in Pakistan Ills and remedies

1. Introduction 2. Types of Education Formal education Informal education 3. An Overview of Higher Education Setup in Pakistan Statutory position Administrative system Institutes 4. Ills Prevailing in Higher Education System of Pakistan A. Infrastructure-related Ills Lack of institutes Missing necessary facilities Overcharging by private-sector institutions B. Human Resource-related Ills Meagre strength of faculties Lack of motivation in members of ... Read More »

3rd JWT Essay Competition 3rd Position Essay

By: Ali Muhamamd Memon Is Populism Threatening the Liberal World Order? OUTLINE 1. Introduction 2. A brief overview of liberal world order 3. What are the underpinnings that beget populism? Macro-level analysis Micro-level reasoning 4. Contemporary vicious cycle of populism and its repercussions on erratic world order Trumpism in United States of America and his truculent executive orders. Unilateral withdrawal ... Read More »

Can globalization and nationalism co-exist in the long run

1. Introduction 2. Globalization and its different colours a. Globalization in political field b. Globalization in economic field c. Globalization in social field d. Globalization in cultural field 3. Nationalism: meaning and ingredients a. Different definitions b. Different ingredients 4. Fields where globalization and nationalism can always co-exist a. Sharing of democratic norms and values b. Globalized struggle for fundamental ... Read More »

Relevance of OIC in Global Political Scenario and its Role in Promoting Interests of the Muslim World (PMS-2017)

1. Introduction 2. History and structure of OIC a. Creation of OIC b. Major objectives c. Organizational structure 3. Relevance of OIC in present global scenario a. Successful role of many organizations e.g. ASEAN, SCO, NATO. b. Unresolved political issues of Muslim states c. Ongoing war on terror in Muslim countries d. Abysmal economic and social conditions in Muslim states ... Read More »

3rd JWT Essay Competition 2nd Position Essay

By: Dr Ayesha Khan Is Populism Threatening the Liberal World Order? OUTLINE 1. Introduction “The roots of the once unchallengeable liberal world order are being shaken; populism has emerged to counter this world order.” What in populism? 2. Rising populism A threat to the liberal world order: 2.1 Trump’s election 2.2 Brexit 2.3 Massive number of votes to AfD in ... Read More »

SCO’s Expansion Prospects and Challenges

1. Introduction 2. Overview of SCO and Its Recent Expansion a. Establishment of SCO b. Geographical and historical overview c. Previous and new members 3. Importance and Significance of SCO in the Contemporary World a. Enormous potential for trade b. Shifting the global balance c. A step toward a multi-polar world 4. Prospects Emerging out of SCO’s Recent Expansion a. ... Read More »