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National & International MCQs (February-March 2017)


 National MCQs 1. On Feb 16, ______ introduced “The Salam Award for Imaginative Fiction”. (a) Pan Macmillan    (b) Barnes & Noble (c) Bloomsbury    (d) Barron’s 2. On Feb 17, Pakistan was ranked ______ out of 186 economies on the Index of Economic Freedom 2017. (a) 141st        (b) 147th (c) 15st        (d) 171st 3. The National Green Day was ... Read More »

National and International MCQs (Jan-Feb 2017)


National MCQs 1. On Inclusive Development Index 2017, Pakistan has been ranked _____. (a) 45th        (b) 52nd (c) 65th        (d) 72nd 2. The first-ever artiste to co-chair the World Economic Forum is ______. (a) Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy (b) Oprah Winfrey (c) Beyoncé    (d) Kate Winslet 3. On the 2017 Global Talent Competitiveness Index, Pakistan has been ranked ____ out ... Read More »

MCQs (November – December 2016)


 National 1. Pakistan Army held Raad ul Barq military exercise in ______. (a) Lodhran    (b) Rahimyar Khan (c) Rajanpur (d) Khairpur Tamewali 2. According to the Global Terrorism Index (GTI) 2016, Pakistan is at the ______ place among countries worst hit by terrorism. (a) Second    (b) Third (c) Fourth     (d) Eighth 3. Celebrated mountaineer Hassan Sadpara passed away on ... Read More »

National & International MCQs (October-November)


National 1. On Oct 16, ______ became the first head of the Saarc’s Anti-Corruption Forum (ACF). (a) Sri Lanka    (b) India (c) Bhutan    (d) Pakistan 2. The country director of the United Nations Population Fund is ______. (a) Haji Ahmed Malik (b) Syed Qamaruzzaman Shah (c) Dr Hassan Mohtashami (d) Christine Lagarde 3. The reverse side of the 10-rupee coin, ... Read More »

MCQs (September-October 2016)


National 1. On Sep 17, ______ clinched the Cool & Cool presents Jazz National T20 Cup. (a) Lahore Blues    (b) Karachi Whites (c) Lahore Whites    (d) Karachi Blues 2. Renowned scholar and intellectual Professor Mir Abdullah Jan Jamaldini died on ______. (a) Sep 16    (b) Sep 18 (c) Sep 20    (d) Sep 22 3. Pakistan’s rank on the in the ... Read More »

World in Focus (July-August 2016)


NATIONAL July 19: Pakistan and China signed an agreement of implementing a project of manufacture and maintenance of the chandelier of the Mazar-i-Quaid. July 21: The PML-N secured a landslide victory in Azad Jammu and Kashmir elections by securing 32 out of 41 seats. July 24: Mangal Bagh, the fugitive head of the outlawed militant group Lashkar-e-Islam, was killed in ... Read More »