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WORLD IN FOCUS May- June 2011

NATIONAL AFFAIRS India set to squeeze Pak waters while officials sleep; military takes notice: Pakistan’s Armed Forces were alarmed when Sheraz Memon, Commissioner of Pakistan’s Indus Water Commission (PICW) submitted to the Senate Committee on Water secret documents pertaining to the mishandling of projects constructed or being erected by India on Pakistan’s rivers. These include Baglihar, Uri-11, Nimmu Bazgo, Chutak ... Read More »


Alert: To warn; call to readiness If you had not alerted him in time, he would have been killed by his enemies. Allocate: To allot; distribute; apportion The government has decided to allocate Rs. 10 million for health education. Allude: To intimate; hint; refer to indirectly She was far too polite to allude to the stain on his jacket. Allusion: ... Read More »

WORLD IN FOCUS April 2011 May 2011

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Relationship on solid footing: The Central Intelligence Agency issued an unusual statement after a meeting between the US and Pakistani spy chiefs, saying that the relationship between the CIA and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence ‘remains on solid footing. Call for ending slab benefits for domestic electricity consumers: Projecting the annual energy import bill to increase to a whopping $50 ... Read More »

WORLD IN FOCUS March 2011 ‘April 2011

NATIONAL AFFAIRS Rs 120b ‘mini-budget’ unveiled: In a major development, the government introduced a Rs 120 billion ‘mini-budget’ through presidential ordinances, envisaging Rs 53 billion of additional taxes on income, imports, agriculture and domestic sales of export-oriented items, after having failed to introduce Reformed General Sales Tax through parliament. Davis buys his flight to freedom: A tension-filled saga spread over ... Read More »

Disaster management in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world. Outline 1.     Introduction 2.     Disaster; definition and types 3.     Disaster management 4.     Phases of disaster management; a.    Mitigation b.    Preparedness c.    Response d.    Recovery 5.     History of disasters in Pakistan 6.     Disaster in the wake of recent floods 7.     Structure of ... Read More »

PMS Tips and Tricks

One should be very careful while opting for optional subjects. Subject selection The syllabus of PMS is very lengthy because the option of the groups is very limited as compared to the CSS syllabus. So one should be very careful while opting for optional subjects. Besides, the restriction to choose one subject from one group is difficult for the candidates. ... Read More »

Model Paper for PMS General Knowledge Papers

1.In which of the following countries Special Equity Courts exist? (a) America    (b)    England (c) Pakistan    (d)    India 2. The Politics is considered as the first book on the art of government, identify the author:- (a) Socrates    (b)    Plato (c) Aristotle    (d)    Adam Smith 3.  Thomas Cup is given for the game of:- (a) Lawn Tennis    (b)    Golf (c) Table ... Read More »

WORLD IN FOCUS February 2011 – March 2011

Current Pakistan National Affairs PIA strike ends with Haroon’s resignation: A four-day-long strike by Pakistan International Airlines employees, which had collapsed domestic and international flights schedule, ended after the government removed the Managing Director of the national flag carrier Aijaz Haroon on their demand. Some heavyweights left out of 22-member new cabinet: Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on February 11 ... Read More »

Global energy crisis

The major proportion of hydrocarbon is consumed by already developed countries like the US, Japan and Western European states. Outline 1. Introduction 2. What is energy crisis? 3. Share of energy resources in energy supply a) Non-renewable b) Renewable 4. World consumption distribution 5. World production distribution 6. Causes of crises a) Surge in demand b) Resource nationalism ‘tighter supply ... Read More »