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Can globalization and nationalism co-exist in the long run

1. Introduction 2. Globalization and its different colours a. Globalization in political field b. Globalization in economic field c. Globalization in social field d. Globalization in cultural field 3. Nationalism: meaning and ingredients a. Different definitions b. Different ingredients 4. Fields where globalization and nationalism can always co-exist a. Sharing of democratic norms and values b. Globalized struggle for fundamental ... Read More »

Relevance of OIC in Global Political Scenario and its Role in Promoting Interests of the Muslim World (PMS-2017)

1. Introduction 2. History and structure of OIC a. Creation of OIC b. Major objectives c. Organizational structure 3. Relevance of OIC in present global scenario a. Successful role of many organizations e.g. ASEAN, SCO, NATO. b. Unresolved political issues of Muslim states c. Ongoing war on terror in Muslim countries d. Abysmal economic and social conditions in Muslim states ... Read More »

3rd JWT Essay Competition 2nd Position Essay

By: Dr Ayesha Khan Is Populism Threatening the Liberal World Order? OUTLINE 1. Introduction “The roots of the once unchallengeable liberal world order are being shaken; populism has emerged to counter this world order.” What in populism? 2. Rising populism A threat to the liberal world order: 2.1 Trump’s election 2.2 Brexit 2.3 Massive number of votes to AfD in ... Read More »

Indus Waters Treaty: don’t lose the game

India and Pakistan have reached an impasse over issues of the Kishenganga and Ratle power plants. Their last meeting in the “good offices” of the World Bank last August and September yielded no progress and there has been no movement on the Indus Waters Treaty since. There are two opposing points of view regarding the forum to resolve concerns regarding ... Read More »

Towards a new global compact on migration

Managing migration is one of the most profound challenges for international cooperation in our time. Migration powers economic growth, reduces inequalities and connects diverse societies. Yet it is also a source of political tensions and human tragedies. The majority of migrants lives and works legally. But a desperate minority is putting their lives at risk to enter countries where they ... Read More »

The global strategies and Pakistan

What is in store for the country is unpredictable in view of the complicated and conflicting global and domestic policies How much the strategies of global powers can affect the wave of militancy in the country is too difficult a question to answer. But it cannot be ignored completely knowing the presence of Nato forces in the neighbouring country and ... Read More »

Pakistan’s trade prospects in 2018

We need to make 2018 the year when we actually revive our trade with our neighbours The past few months have seen a decent uptick in Pakistan’s merchandise exports. The first five months of 2017-18 have seen exports grow by 10.5 per cent over the same period during previous fiscal year. The November 2017 monthly export data indicates a growth ... Read More »

Pakistan’s foreign policy

FOREIGN policy is an aspect of national policy. If national governance is dysfunctional foreign policy cannot deliver. This is because no coherent political framework for a successful foreign policy will be available. This is the norm in Pakistan. As long as Pakistan’s military-intelligence complex (the ‘deep state’) overwhelms civil and political society in terms of per-capita resource allocations, strategic perceptions, ... Read More »

The Hague Convention’s implementation

In November 2016, after the approval of cabinet, Pakistan had decided accede to the Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of Child Abduction. On 22 December 2016, Pakistan deposited its instruments of Accession to Hague Convention and became the 96th contracting State to the Convention. The Convention came into force for Pakistan on 1st March 2017.The Convention provides a structure to ... Read More »