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The Future of Populism at Home and Abroad

Trumpist populism could easily linger longer than most people readily assume. New populist nationalist parties have appeared across the developed world, and threaten to undermine the liberal international order. What is the likelihood that they will succeed? For better or worse, a lot depends on what will happen in the United States. American power was critical in establishing both the ... Read More »

World in Focus ( Oct-Nov 2017 )

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NATIONAL Oct 16: Representatives of Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and the US held their meeting in Muscat, Oman to rejuvenate the stalled Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG) working to restore peace in Afghanistan. Oct 16: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) suspended the membership of 261 legislators – 7 senators, 71 MNAs, 84 MPAs of Punjab, 50 MPAs of Sindh, 38 MPAs ... Read More »

The victor’s hubris

On the morning of May 31, 1992, as the Queen Mother unveiled the controversial memorial for Arthur ‘Bomber’ Harris outside the RAF Church in London, she was taken aback by a section of those in attendance jeering her. “He was a war criminal!” shouted one of the protesters, whose exclamation was met with a murmur of assent and derision in ... Read More »

Regional trade

That there are few limits to Pakistan’s capacity to act as a regional trade hub is not something that is in doubt. It has always been a question of whether the will was there at the top of the government to push this vision into reality. So it should come as no surprise that Pakistan is central to the Asian ... Read More »

Pakistan’s economic promise

THE recent oversubscription of the foreign loans sought by the Pakistan government, and the relatively favourable rates on which these were obtained, indicates that lenders seem to have shrugged off this year’s sharp (20 per cent) fall in the Pakistan Stock Exchange and concerns about widening trade and budget deficits, domestic political turmoil and threats of US sanctions. The market’s ... Read More »

Twin surrenders

THE Nov 26, 2017, six-point agreement between the Faizabad protesters and the government/military was a major setback for the reputation and image of Pakistan. There are still unanswered questions. Was it the disqualified boss of the ruling party who engineered this episode to target the military boss? Or was it the other way around? Whatever the answer, the government finally ... Read More »

Can Trump Bring Peace to the Middle East?

While President Trump has followed in few of his predecessors’ footsteps, his administration has done the expected in at least one respect: It has undertaken a Middle East peace initiative in its first year. Most recent administrations have done the same, and all have failed. Will Mr. Trump do any better? The specifics of the initiative are still being hammered ... Read More »

The era of mobocracy

In the mid of 2014, the Imran Khan-Tahirul Qadri duo cultivated the crop. Towards the end of 2017, Tehreek-e-Labaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLRY) leadership has reaped it. During these three-and-half years, Pakistan’s democracy, no more than a house of cards as it has always been, has degenerated into a mobocracy. The question of whether such theatrics, which put the nation ... Read More »

Washington Eyes a Cold War Strategy Against North Korea

WASHINGTON — When Defense Secretary Jim Mattis declared on Tuesday that North Korea now had the missile capability to “threaten everywhere in the world, basically,” he hinted at a long-running debate inside the United States government: Can the same strategy that worked against the Soviet Union — mutually assured destruction — also work against a far smaller adversary? The answer ... Read More »