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Case for a home-grown industrial policy in Pakistan

LAHORE: We spoke about the signs of premature de-industrialisation plaguing Pakistan in our last article “Government faces Herculean task to reverse industry phase-out” published September 11, 2017. It raised the question about options the government has to address the shrinking size of the industrial sector. Does the answer lie in active industrial policy management, or should the government leave market ... Read More »

The way forward

PAKISTAN secured a score of 55.6 under SDGs’ global index against a far better regional average of 63.3 and is even lower than regional peers Bangladesh’s 56.2 and India’s 58.1. As a result, the country ranked 122 on the SDG index of 157 nations compared to Bangladesh’s 120 and India’s 116 position, according to July 2017 results. The good news, ... Read More »

War drums across the world

JUST when we thought there were already too many wars and conflicts bubbling away, more threats to world peace keep emerging, stoked by irresponsible leaders. Anyone listening to some of the speeches delivered recently in the United Nations General Assembly could be excused for thinking this was a forum for warmongers, not peacemakers. Trump made the most provocative speech heard ... Read More »

Geopolitics through geo-economics

All Pakistan needs is to call time on its geopolitical outlook and shift to its geo-economics variant to be relevant in the world A shift away from geopolitical worldview to its geo-economics counterpart is underway in the international political arena. China is the leading practitioner of the resurgence of states’ interest to pursue national interests through non-military means. Pakistan needs ... Read More »

From tribalism to democratisation

Peace in the region will remain elusive without mainstreaming Fata Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has again initiated the process of mainstreaming Fata that was halted by Nawaz Sharif to appease his coalition partners, apparently. The government has shown seriousness about the matter as the Fata Reforms Implementation Committee now has the prime minister as its chairman, KP chief minister, ... Read More »

Pak-Afghan truth

IN his remarks on the sidelines of the recent UN General Assembly session, President Ashraf Ghani was sharply critical of Pakistan and of alleged militant safe havens there, whose elimination he said was essential to achieving peace in Afghanistan. In his formal address, he called upon Pakistan to engage his country in a comprehensive dialogue on “peace, security and regional ... Read More »

No Kashmir policy

INDIAN Kashmir recently suffered the visits of three delegations, none of which offered even a glimmer of hope. Each showed that it had nothing to offer the people beyond empty words. None offered a policy. Home Minister Rajnath Singh spoke of the need for a ‘political solution’ and a ‘permanent solution’. On neither did he indicate even the broad outlines ... Read More »

Trump Offers a Selective View of Sovereignty in U.N. Speech

UNITED NATIONS — President Trump, in declaring Tuesday that sovereignty should be the guiding principle of affairs between nations, sketched out a radically different vision of the world order than his forebears, who founded the United Nations after World War II to deal collectively with problems they believed would transcend borders. Mr. Trump offered the General Assembly a strikingly selective ... Read More »