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Strategy to Score High in English Essay Paper


Strategy to Score High in  English Essay Paper   Bakhtiar Ismail (PAS), 1st in Balochistan, CSS 2017-18 (Essay Marks 66) Essay is the very paper most aspirants fail. Reason? Lack of practice! Most aspirants know the reason but still they do not practice. If one cannot practice a long essay daily, one should write, at least, outline, introduction and conclusion ... Read More »


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National Sept. 16: The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) removed its own president Amanullah Kanrani, and appointed Salahuddin Gandapur as acting president for the remaining tenure. Sept. 16: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government withdrew its province-wide order instructing female students of secondary and higher secondary government educational institutions to wear the veil. Sept. 16: Egyptian transport technology start-up Swvl announced to ... Read More »

Make a healthy climate a legal right that extends to future generations


Make a healthy climate a legal right that extends to future generations   Noted British magazine The Economist recently held its ‘Open Future Essay Competition 2019’ on the question “What fundamental economic and political change, if any, is needed for an effective response to climate change?” Following is the winning essay of the Competition that beat nearly 2,400 entries from ... Read More »

Shoring up the Export Front


Shoring up the Export Front Aftab H. Wahla For every economy, whether an advanced or a developing one, exports play a determinant role in bridging – or widening – the trade deficit, and it is directly associated with Current Account Deficit (CAD). In case of Pakistan, management of CAD has direct bearing upon the country’s foreign exchange reserves, stability of ... Read More »

Smart Study to Crack Essay, Current Affairs & Pakistan Affairs Papers


Smart Study to Crack Essay, Current Affairs & Pakistan Affairs Papers Muhammad Sulaiman CSS preparation is, indeed, a tedious task. It requires perseverance, diligence and discipline. Lately, the three compulsory papers, namely English Essay, Current Affairs and Pakistan Affairs have become more challenging, analytical and diverse in their content. The course contents of these papers and the questions asked in ... Read More »

League of Nations Purpose, Successes and Failures


League of Nations Purpose, Successes and Failures Muhammad Rashid Introduction The League of Nations was an international organization, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It was created after the First World War on January 10, 1920, at the initiative of the victorious Allied powers of World War I. It provided a forum for resolving international disputes, issues and problems through negotiations and ... Read More »

GK Snippets Laffer Curve


GK Snippets Laffer Curve The Laffer curve shows how tax revenues change when the tax rate is either increased or decreased. Typically, it has an inverted-U shape. The Laffer curve, popularised in 1974 by economist Arthur Laffer in a discussion with former U.S. President Gerald Ford, is often used to bolster the argument that high or increasing tax rates will ... Read More »