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A marriage of convenience

BY: MAZAHIR HUSSAIN ZAIR U.S. policies and Pakistan The bilateral relationship between US and Pakistan seems to be driven by giving priority to US national security interests in the region. US also has no respect for Pakistani courts and laws, as was witnessed in the Raymond Davis case. After 9/11 many incident took place between Pakistan and U.S which strained ... Read More »

Tariffs, trade and taxation

By: Ishrat Husain ACCORDING to official sources, the recent decline of Pakistani exports is due to adverse global economic conditions. Others attribute this, inter alia, to the appreciation of the Pakistani rupee. Both these factors may be partially true but defy empirical evidence as single-factor explanations. Indian exports have expanded by 62 per cent, Bangladeshi by 69pc and Sri Lankan ... Read More »


By: Alice Martins It took Ahmed Brazu and his family 20 terrifying hours to escape this ravaged city, the capital of the militant Islamic State (IS) group’s imagined caliphate that has become an increasingly perilous battlefield. The US-backed forces closing in on the militant stronghold had urged fleeing civilians to avoid Islamic State positions. But those instructions proved useless; the ... Read More »

What we need to end poverty?

By: Zafar Alam Sarwar Hardly any country will boast of being free from poverty. Confidently one can say that governance and people’s problems, especially poverty, are interlinked. Good administration yields good results. Principles of democracy have to be followed in all circumstances to reap benefits for all lawful citizens. The principle that should be followed to serve masses is to ... Read More »

Pakistan facing challenge of population growth

By: Muhammad Qasim Rawalpindi :The countries all over the world have envisioned a world free of poverty, hunger, disease and want by implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and it is important that 12 out of 17 SDGs that have been replaced with the Millennium Development Goals in September 2015 are connected with population dynamics. The population of Pakistan that was ... Read More »

Interesting moves on the energy chessboard

By: Syed Rashid Husain As the Trump administration continues to raise the temperature, Tehran and Doha do not appear ready to give in – at least as yet. On the regional geopolitical chess board, interesting moves are on. Parties are taking steps to consolidate positions. Despite the US calls to isolate Tehran, sitting atop the fourth-largest oil reserves and the ... Read More »

Modi’s American embrace

By: Munir Akram THE widely circulated picture of Indian Prime Minister Modi clinging to a visibly uncomfortable Donald Trump’s breast illustrates the nature of the emerging relationship between India and the US. Modi’s eagerness to serve as America’s ‘natural partner’ to contain a rising China is based on the expectation that this will provide India multiple advantages: latest military equipment ... Read More »

Redefining corruption

By: Dr Noman Ahmed Practicing a frugal lifestyle and strict institutional dealing with malpractices is the only way out of corruption mess In an interesting move, the Sindh Assembly legislated to repeal the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Ordinance 1999. As per the lawmakers’ assertion, the provincial legislature was well within its rights to adopt a course of action towards dealing ... Read More »

Managing development

By: Bilal Naqeeb The major issue with the management of state-driven development initiatives in Pakistan is lack of a coherent approach towards its planning and management The progress and achievements Finance Miniter Ishaq Dar boasted of while presenting the Economic Survey 2016-17 and the budget reminded me of the following joke that I had heard in a management training a ... Read More »