10 Questions with Asadullah (10th in Pakistan, CSS 2014)

Assadullah CSS Topper

As far as JWT is concerned, I really see it as a great source of guidance for the CSS, PMS aspirants.

JWT: First of all, for the interest of JWT readers and CSS, PMS aspirants, please tell us about your educational qualifications?

Asadullah: I consider myself very lucky that I had the opportunity to study at excellent educational institutions. I pursued my studies till A Level at The City School. Then, I graduated from University of Toronto, Canada with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

JWT: What had been your career ambitions during the student life? Did you always dream of becoming a CSP officer? And, also tell what is so special in PAS?

Asadullah: Actually, during my studies, I was absolutely sure that I would be an engineer in future. It was only during my higher education in electrical engineering that I realized that my career goals and aspirations needed remodelling. So, being a part of the Civil Service of Pakistan and becoming a CSP officer became my most cherished dream.

Moreover, I chose Pakistan Administrative Services (PAS) because I find it a very versatile group that provides officers with a lot of room for vertical and horizontal mobility.

JWT: You are surely a source of inspiration for many who want to go for CSS. What would you advise them in this regard? And, how, in your opinion, Jahangir’s World Times (JWT) can serve as a source of guidance for them?

Assadullah CSS Topper 1Asadullah: Look, CSS is a competitive exam; it’s not about passing or failing only; at least not for the students belonging to Punjab. So, I would advise all prospective aspirants to be creative and innovative. They must strive very hard to stand head and shoulders above the rest of the lot.

As far as JWT is concerned, I really see it as a great source of guidance for the CSS, PMS aspirants. JWT management amply knows how to best utilize a candidate’s skills and talent.

JWT: To whom goes the credit of your success? Did you ever imagine of getting such a prestigious position in CSS exam?

Asadullah: All the credit of my success goes to my parents, family, friends and all those who stood by me through thick and thin. And as regards my position, yes, I was highly confident that I will be among the toppers. I had strong faith in Almighty Allah and was absolutely sure that prayers of my well-wishers will  be answered.

JWT: What is the key to getting through the written part of CSS exam?

Asadullah: Always be creative and innovative. Besides, extensive reading can help you in making a huge difference in written part of CSS exam.

JWT: Pakistan Affairs has been, traditionally, a low-scoring subject. But you secured excellent marks in this very paper. What has been your strategy while preparing for it?

Asadullah: I preferred to attempt questions from post-partition segment because I believed attempting such questions provides a lot of space to a candidate for showing his or her real potential.

JWT: How do you see the revision of syllabus for CSS exam announced by FPSC recently?

Asadullah: I think it’s a good move. Now aspirants will have to work harder. They will have to make in-depth studies of all their subjects.

Assadullah CSS Topper 2
JWT: How had been your experience of interview with the panel?

Asadullah: During the whole interview with the FPSC panel, I remained calm and highly confident. Most of the questions were discussion-based. During the process, the panellists tested my knowledge on current affairs with major focus on observation, perceptiveness and problem-solving skills.

JWT: How helpful have been your exposure to foreign education in achieving success in CSS?

Asadullah: I believe that Civil Service of Pakistan is the best platform where I am able to use the skills I learned during my studies in Canada. These skills will surely help me in making the life of the masses better.

JWT: Did you join any academy while you were preparing for the CSS exam?

Asadullah: Yes, I joined World Times Academy (WTA) for preparation. I think it was a right and a wise decision. The platform provided by the WTA especially for interview preparation was exceptional and unmatchable because it really boosted my confidence. I advise all aspirants to join WTA for best CSS preparation.

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