10 Questions with Dr M. Raza Tanveer, 9th in Pakistan CSS 2014

Dr M Raza Tanveer

JWT is doing a commendable job by providing fingertip information on all subjects on a single platform. I do applaud the efforts of Team JWT.

Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): First of all, please tell us about your educational background.
Dr Muhammad Raza Tanveer (DMRT): I got my schooling from various institutions in different parts of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. It was so because I had to change a school almost every year due to intermittent transfers of my father — also a PSP officer. From class 7th to 10th, I studied at Edwardes College, Peshawar. Studying at this prestigious institution brought about immense changes in my personality. Later, I did FSc from Islamia College Peshawar and earned an MBBS degree from Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad.

JWT: As everyone starts dreaming of a future career from childhood, so what were your dreams? Did you always aspire to be a police officer?
DMRT: Being a part of Police Service of Pakistan (PSP) has been my childhood passion; and the biggest inspiration for me in this regard has been my father. I always looked at and adored his uniform and lifestyle. I cannot forget the moment when, in 1990, my father bought me a police uniform. It is still among the fondest of my memories. My mother tells that I used to sleep in that and wore it with a big smile on my face.

JWT: Why did you decide to leave medical profession and go for CSS instead?
DMRT: I must admit that my passion for police waned when I was pursuing my MBBS degree at AMC. But, in 2011, a bomb blast changed all that and I became more resolute to achieve my dream. In this blast, there were numerous casualties of FC personnel and I rehabilitated many of them at Lady Reading Hospital. That one incident spurred and re-ignited my love and passion for police.

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JWT: Since you are, surely, a source of inspiration for many aspirants, what advice would you give them for best preparation?
DMRT: First, I would like to tell the youth of Pakistan that do follow your heart and be passionate on adopting the profession you would feel happy and contented in. I believe life is all about your own self and your personal satisfaction.

To CSS aspirants, however, I would advise that they should do justice with their preparation and leave the rest unto Allah. Most students, nowadays, run after notes and keep looking for shortcuts, but CSS demands something else; it requires in-depth analyses and extensive knowledge on every sphere. So, read books that provide you details on both sides of a topic — and 2 of them, at least, for each optional subject.

JWT: How much helpful did you find Jahangir’s World Times (JWT) during your preparation?
DMRT: JWT is a lynchpin when it comes to guidance and then success in CSS exam. I appreciate that the JWT is doing a commendable job by providing fingertip information on a single platform. I do applaud the efforts of Team JWT.

JWT: What, in your opinion, is the key to getting good scores and making a difference in written part of CSS exam?
DMRT: I believe that written part of CSS exam is all about presentation. I would strongly recommend that while putting your answers into writing, you must use different markers, give plenty of headings, provide outlines in the beginning and flow sheet summaries at the end of an answer, and also draw diagrams, wherever necessary.

JWT: Pakistan Affairs is generally considered a low-scoring subject but you have secured very good marks in it. What technique and strategy did you follow for this very paper?
DMRT: I adopted a, somewhat, different approach for paper of Pakistan Affairs. I consulted more than 5 books, including those by foreign authors, for a better preparation. This helped me in creating balanced and argumentative opinions on various topics; and yielded, for me, good score as well.

JWT: How do you see the revision of syllabus for CSS exam 2016 and onwards?
DMRT: I would say, it’s light at the end of the tunnel, finally. The new syllabus is extremely comprehensive and it will really test the mettle of the aspirants. The new subject combinations will definitely discourage rote learning and will promote more analytical approach to the exam instead. CSS exam is all about knowing ‘something about everything’ and the new syllabus proves the notion.

Dr M Raza Tanveer 2JWT: What were the toughest and the easiest parts for you in the whole justify process of CSS exam?  
DMRT: They say, “There is no such thing as a free lunch” and that holds true for CSS exam as well. Every step has been thoroughly thought out and designed to test the skills and intelligence of the candidates. Every portion of the syllabus has its own, important requirements, and if aspirants understand and mould themselves accordingly, only then the life would be easy for them.

JWT: You also got impressive marks in interview. How it fared?
DMRT: My Interview lasted only 30 minutes. In the beginning, the worthy Chairman FPSC asked questions regarding my opinion on declining oil prices, impact and role of ISIS and also on terrorism in Pakistan. Madam in the panel asked me a lot of things about my perception of police, why I wanted to join PSP and how would a doctor fit himself in such a challenging service. She further inquired about change of policing dynamics in Pakistan and why Pakistan is still grappling with the menace of terrorism. Sir Wajid Rana put some quiz type questions on geography, forestry and education. He sought my suggestions on police service and on the eradication of terrorism from Pakistan. Sir Lehri, at the end, asked only a couple of questions from forestry. The Chairman wished me luck and thus the interview ended.

JWT:  Who deserves the credit for your success? And, did you ever imagine of getting such a prestigious position in CSS exam?
DMRT: My success had been possible only due to the countless blessings of Allah Almighty. And only He deserves the credit for everything.

After the Almighty, I dedicate my achievement to my parents who always believed in me and helped me in every humanly possible way during the course of my CSS preparations.

As regards my position, frankly, I never imagined of getting this position, however, my brother used to always boost my confidence by saying that police uniform will always look great on me, etc. This belief and boosting of confidence helped me overcome self-doubt and by the grace of Allah Almighty, I achieved this position.

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