Agriculture & Forestry

Agriculture and ForestryThe recent change of CSS syllabus for optional subjects has really made the selection of these a hard nut to crack for most aspirants. The subject of Agriculture & Forestry is also no exception. However, a careful analysis reveals that in the old CSS syllabus, both these subjects had 100 marks each but in the new syllabus these have been merged together to form one subject of 100 marks. But, I am still of the view that candidates should go for Agriculture & Forestry.

The subject has been divided into the following two parts:

1. Agriculture (50Marks)

The ‘Agriculture’ part of the paper has only six topics on which a candidate can have a command with a little hard but smart work. The topics included in the syllabus are of simple nature and are easy to prepare in a short time. For instance, there is Concept of Integrated Agriculture which refers to obtaining many products from the same land unit by utilizing the available resources. Then, comes the topic Challenges in Pakistan’s Agriculture; a topic as easy as pie because this topic can be studied while preparing for the Pakistan Affairs paper.

2. Forestry (50Marks)

Similar is the case with Forestry part. An interesting thing in this regard is that the technical part of the syllabus likes Forest surveying and Engineering and Forest Mensuration and Statistics have been removed in the new syllabus. Now, it has become really simple for the candidates to get hold of the subject. In the syllabus, there is a simple topic Range lands which refers to the vast grazing and browsing areas of the country, the problems of these areas and certain solutions. Candidates can learn all these very easily. Another topic is the Role of Wild Life as Value Addition to Forestry. Again, it is a simple topic. The wildlife which refers to non-domesticated form of animals does always have a distinguished importance for the forests as it provides certain benefits. Another topic is the National Forest Laws and Forest Policies in Pakistan. There are certain laws and policies which a candidate can comprehend within a short span of time.

So, I would advise the candidates that they should select this subject because it has better chances of obtaining high scores.

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