British History

Briish History for CSSBritish History has been an invariably good scoring subject in CSS. This subject has the distinction of being the top choice of those achieving higher merits. The reason of its popularity, apart from scores, is the study of major political developments of last four centuries; an understanding of the evolution and foundations of modern institutions of world including democracy, capitalism, cabinet, parliament and local government as well as the history of key world events that transformed the world — the two World Wars, French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Imperialism, Capitalism, Socialism, Decolonization, Industrial and Agrarian Revolutions, Cold War, War on Terror, UN, etc. In this way, it not only broadens an aspirant’s knowledge base but also helps in handling Current Affairs paper. Moreover, it is an inseparable choice of combination with International Relations.

The revised scheme of CSS for CE-2016 onwards has introduced some changes to the syllabus and paper pattern — the subject has been reduced to only one paper of 100 marks. However, the course that was erstwhile defined only in terms of era has now been well defined. The good news for those who have prepared from my book “British History,” published by Jahangir Books, is that it still contains all the topics defined in the new course. On exception, of course, is the last point of Chapter XIV i.e. Reforms under Cameroun that took place after publishing of this book. It also is being updated and new inclusive version would be available very soon.

My suggestions for the candidates would be to study this paper in detail and deal the topics given in perspective so as to ensure a better understanding. The questions asked would be limited now and hence the examiner would not have many topics to ask from. The retained topics of course have been explained in detail so there should not be any problem to grasp this subject now.

Best of Luck!

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