Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law for CSSConstitutional law has been the top choice of CSS aspirants among all optional subjects. Preparing for it has been as easy as pie for the aspirants especially for those having the law background. Although some changes have been introduced in the revised of syllabi for CSS onwards, yet these have been for the better. The thing which most students may find highly helpful is that the contours of the whole syllabus have been elaborately defined.

The previous syllabus of the subject was as under:

“Principles of Constitutional Law with special reference to United Kingdom, United States of America, France, Former Soviet Union, Pakistan and India.”

However, under the head of “Principles of Constitutional Law” in the new syllabus, “Former Soviet Union” has been changed to “Russia” and the constitutions of China and Turkey have been added. Moreover, under the heading “Legal Development” some important cases have been named.

Hence, these changes leave the aspirants in a better position to decide as to what they have to prepare as there is no ambiguity regarding the topics to be prepared.

When it comes to making combination with other subjects, Constitutional Law is again the best choice if it is opted for with Political Science, US / British History, Public Administration and Sociology/Anthropology.

With all the benefits stated above, the subject of Constitutional Law will tend to be a scoring subject and the students must go for it.

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