EconomicsThe Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has modified the syllabus for the CSS exam for CE-2016 and onwards. This change was much needed since various quarters were blaming the structure of civil service recruitment as responsible for declining performance of civil servants.

The FPSC has categorized Optional Subjects into seven groups. The subject of Economics now contains 200 marks and has been allocated in Group I. The importance of this subject comes to light when we see that many subjects have been reduced to 100 marks only.

Coming back to the point, the syllabus suggests that there will be two papers —each of 100 marks — as were in the pre-revision syllabus. Looking at and comparing the contents of the revised and the old syllabi, it becomes obvious that sizeable changes have been made to the contents of both papers of Economics.


Paper-I has been divided into six parts by including a new head entitled “Economic Development”. Under this head, the students will have to comprehend the topics like Concepts of development, Human development, Historical growth process and Development, Theories of development, structural issues of development, Income distribution and poverty, sectoral (agricultural, Industry, trade and fiancé) issues and development, environment and development.

It is to be noted that the revised syllabus of Economics Paper-I is lengthy in terms of contents but it is still of crucial importance. New topics incorporated commensurate with the recent developments in the subject of economics. From CSS Exam perspective, the students will have to pay more time, concentration and energy for its sound preparation.


The revised syllabus has introduced bigger changes in the contents of Paper-II as the topics like “Privatization, Denationalization, Deregulation; Interest-Free Banking in Pakistan; Energy Policy of Pakistan; Social Sector Development in Pakistan; and Major Issues in Pakistan Economy have been added.

Given this, Paper-II has been made much more comprehensive and exhaustive. It is beyond any doubt that optimum efforts are being made to incorporate all contents that are the direst need of the hour and are much debated in the media as well as among academia and policy-makers.

Another important aspect of this subject is that its contents also complement other subjects like Pakistan Affairs, Current Affairs, Essay, Governance & Public Policies, Mercantile Law, etc.

Although the syllabus for economics does look lengthy, yet the benefits it offers in form of overlapping with other subjects, make it worth opting.

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