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General Science and Ability for CSSRecently, the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has introduced substantial changes to the syllabus for CE-2016 onwards. The compulsory subject of erstwhile Everyday Science has been renamed as “General Science and Ability” which consists of two parts: General Science (60 marks) and General Ability (40 marks). The revised syllabus is more aligned with present-day knowledge. However, if we compare it with the previous syllabus of Everyday Science, we find that the new one is lengthy and comprehensive but the marks it contains have been reduced to 60. It means that the students will have to put an extra bit of efforts and energy to get maximum scores.

Here is a brief analysis of the new syllabus for the benefit of the students.
The FPSC has dropped some segments like Muslim Scientists and, at the same time, has also trimmed the portion called products of science. But, some new concepts like Natural Hazards and Disasters, Weather Variations, Environmental Science, Food Science and Information Technology have been added by the Commission. I am very proud that my book entitled “Discovering the World of Everyday Science” published by Jahangir Books already contains these concepts and there will be hardly 5-10 percent change as far as General Science portion is concerned.

Besides making changes in “Science” portion, the FPSC has also introduced a new segment namely General Ability in this very paper. It seems the FPSC has shelved the idea of conducting Screening Test, as the inclusion of General Ability is aimed at judging candidates in Quantitative Ability/Reasoning, Logical Reasoning and Analytical Reasoning/Ability and Mental Abilities. Now the students will have to acquire skills in Basic Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry to get good score. This gives an edge to science students especially those with engineering and mathematics background. However, students with social sciences background need not worry because they too can master these skills with a little extra effort.

Now comes the million dollar question and that is “how to prepare it,” and “which book should be consulted”. The answer to it is that the updated and revised version of “Discovering the World of Everyday Science” will soon be available in the market.
Here, I would like to advise that the students should not rush to buy the books without knowing the credentials of the author as well as the publisher. The revision of syllabus has rendered most of the books and notes obsolete and irrelevant. So, many charlatans will be out to avail themselves of this opportunity to mint money. Students may rely on the old books to prepare science portion until the new book are available in the market.

Finally, a few words about the examination pattern.

The FPSC has not communicated any clear-cut strategy and examination pattern for this paper. However, there are strong possibilities that the General Science and Ability paper will consist of two parts Objective (MCQs) and Subjective.

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