How to Pass Essay Paper

How to Pass CSS Essay Paper

In my article “Essay Paper!!! Don’t Worry You Can Pass It” published in JWT May issue, I shared with aspirants 5 highly effective tips to secure excellent marks in essay paper. In the instant piece, which, in essence, is a continuation of the abovementioned article, I will share a few more things that the aspirants must take into consideration while preparing for this ‘life-changing’ paper — owing to its cruciality to CSS.

Use of Influential Language

Unlike the Précis and Composition paper, the Essay paper requires a language that is embellished with rich vocabulary, suitable idioms and influential, unique and heart-touching style. Unless an essay succeeds in proving itself to be a sublime piece of literature, chances of it crossing the threshold of 40 marks remain slim. Refinement of writing skills is possible through reading more and more good pieces of writing. In fact, this is what a person reads that determines what he can write. Newspaper editorials, columns of good writers and speeches of world-famous orators can be the best source of honing one’s writing skills. During the course of essay preparation aspirants must learn how to describe the same thought using different types of vocabulary and sentence structure. This technique can be immensely helpful in avoiding repetition of words and sentences in the essay as it enables the candidate to express whatever he wants to without confronting the issue of shortage of words in the expression of thoughts and ideas.

Acquisition of Knowledge

Essay, in fact, is nothing but the knowledge quoted in influential words and presented in argumentative style. Dreaming to pass CSS essay paper without having relevant, accurate, specialized and extensive knowledge about the topic is tantamount to dreaming to build Taj Mahal without having the basic building material. Acquisition of knowledge is possible through various sources. Newspapers, current affair journals and magazines, research papers, official websites, special investigative reports; all can be handy for the purpose. From the very start of the preparation, aspirants should start collecting data regarding the expected 10-15 essay topics, and the process should continue till the actual exam day. At no point in the essay paper should the examiner be given an opportunity of rating the knowledge of the aspirant as superficial and outdated. Unless the examiner, who has already gone through hundreds of essays on the same topic, finds something new, interesting and unique in your essay, he is not going to let you be among those who would successfully cross the threshold of 40 marks.

Special Focus on Introductory Paragraph

Introductory paragraph is the most important part of the main essay. This paragraph performs two tasks i.e. it attracts the attention of the examiner, and, at the same time, determines the direction of the essay. In order to achieve these goals, it is mandatory that you write introductory paragraph in an influential way, starting from some general discussion about the topic and ending at the thesis statement. During the preparation phase, aspirants should pay special attention to introductory paragraph. Unless a candidate practices it hundreds of times before the exam, he does a sheer injustice with the demands of this important part of the essay. It is advisable that aspirants attempt the introductory paragraphs of different essay topics on a special register or notebook, reserved for the purpose, and then get it checked by some competent teacher.

Effective Presentation of Arguments

In Essay paper, every question, or more rightly every essay topic, requires candidates to express their opinion regarding some issue and then prove it with the help of solid and suitable arguments. This is just like preparing a legal case and defending it in front of the judge in a court of law. Aspirants should express their arguments in such an influential and clear way that after reading every argument, the examiner is convinced of the validity of the stance taken up by the candidate in the essay. More precisely, while attempting Essay paper, an aspirant should consider himself to be a lawyer standing in front of the judge, and pleading his case in a loud, confident and distinctive voice. Success in Essay paper doesn’t require the candidate to have the same opinion about an issue as the examiner may have, but it simply requires him to have some reasonable justification for having that opinion.


In essay writing, a special focus is required on presentation. It is advisable that aspirants learn the art of legible, beautiful and neat handwriting, as it plays a pivotal role in one’s success. Good presentation consists in leaving margin on both sides of the paper, ensuring legibility and proper size of alphabets, avoiding cutting and overwriting and managing equal and proper inter-word and inter-line spaces.

I am highly confident that if students follow these guidelines, they will be successful in passing this paper with excellent marks. Best of Luck!

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