How well do you know about United Nations General Assembly

United Nations General Assembly, UNGA session

1. ______ countries take part in UNGA session.
(a) 299        (b) 71
(c) 25        (d) 193

2. ______ is the newest member of the General Assembly.
(a) South Sudan    (b) Serbia
(c) Czechoslovakia (d) Puerto Rico

3. The theme of this year’s General Debate at the UNGA is ______.
(a) The World Refugee Crisis: How Can We End It?
(b) The Sustainable Development Goals: A Universal Push To Transform Our World
(c) Missing Data: What The World Needs To Know About Its Girls
(d) Innovation: How To End Extreme Poverty

4. The UNGA meets in ______.
(a) Dubai World Trade Center
(b) Midtown Manhattan
(c) La Defense in Paris
(d) Kuala Lumpur

5. For the UNGA to make a decision on what it calls “important questions,” there must be______.
(a) A unanimous vote
(b) A simple majority
(c) A two-thirds majority
(d) Applause that registers the loudest on an applause-o-meter

6. In 2015, ______ led the opposition to a resolution that would protect the lives of individuals who defend human rights.  
(a) Syria and Nicaragua
(b) Nigeria and Niger
(c) China and Russia
(d) France and Myanmar

7. ______ is the current Secretary-General of the UN.
(a) Jim Kim    (b) Ban Ki-moon
(c) Helen Clark    (d) Kofi Annan

8. The leader who did not attend this year’s UNGA session is ______.
(a) Iran’s Hassan Rouhani
(b) Philippine’s Rodrigo Duterte
(c) Egypt’s Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi
(d) Russia’s Vladimir Putin

9. Countries that are behind on their UN membership dues for two years or more lose their vote in the General Assembly. But the four member nations namely ______, currently in arrears, were given an exemption.
(a) Comoros, Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe and Somalia
(b) Russia, Haiti, Brazil and US
(c) US, Russia, Comoros, & Somalia
(d) Russia, Haiti, Brazil and China

10. The General Assembly president serves the office for ______.
(a) 6 months    (b) 1 year  
© 1.5 years    (d) 2 years

11. The UN General Assembly session usually starts in ______.
(a) August     (b) September
(c) October    (d) November

12. The amendment to Article 23 of the UN Charter enlarges the membership of the ______.
(a) General Assembly
(b) Security Council
(c) Trusteeship Council

13. The Secretary-General of the UNO is appointed by the ______.
(a) General Assembly
(b) Security Council    
(c) Trusteeship Council
(d) None of these

14. The UN organ which is also the ‘Parliament for all people’ is ______.
(a) Security Council
(b) General Assembly
(c) Trusteeship Council

15. The only Pakistani to serve as the President of the General Assembly is ______.
(a) Sir Muhammad Zafrulla Khan
(b) Sharifuddin Pirzada
(c) Dr Maleeha Lodhi
(d) Masood Khan

16. The office of the UN General Assembly is in ______.
(a) Vienna    (b) New York
(c) Paris        (d) Zurich

17. The UN General Assembly decides suspension of a state from the UN membership on the recommendation of ______.
(a) Secretary-General
(b) President UNGA
(c) Security Council
(d) All of the above

18. Pakistan’s former president General Ziaul Haq recited the verses from the Holy Quran in his address to the UNGA session of ______.
(a) 1985        (b) 1986
(c) 1987        (d) 1988

19. The first session of the UNGA was convened on 10 January 1946 in ______.
(a) London    (b) Geneva
(c)  New York    (d) San Francisco

20. In 2016, UNGA is holding its ______ annual session.
(a) 70th        (b) 71st
(c) 72nd        (d) 73rd

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