I.Q. Test

IQ Test Pakistan

1. If 12 years are added to 2/3 age of Ayesha, she will be three years older than today. Her present age is ______.
(a) 24        (b) 27
(c) 30        (d) 33

2. Ali drove south for 6km, turned left and drove for 2km, then turned right and drove for 4km. He again turned right and drove 2km. His distance from the starting point is ______.
(a) 2km        (b) 4 km
(c) 10km        (d) 12km

3. A man walked 3 km toward north, turned west and walked 2km, then turned north again and walked 1km and then again turned east and walked 5km.  He is ______ far from the starting point.
(a) 4km        (b) 7km
(c) 5km        (d) 9km

4. A man faces north and covers 7km, turns West and covers 2km then turns South and covers 4km, then turns West again and covers 2km. He is ______ from his starting point.
(a) 6km        (b) 7km
(c) 5km        (d) 9km

5. A and B start walking in opposite directions. A walked 2km and B 3km. They turned right and walked 4 km. Then turned right. A walked 3km and B walked 2km. The distance between A and B is ______.
(a) 9km        (b) 8km
(c) 7km        (d) 6km

6. A and B start from a point X. A goes North and covers 3km then turns right and covers 4km. B goes West and covers 5km, then turns right and covers 3km. The distance between A and B is ______ .
(a) 8km        (b) 11km
(c) 9km        (d) 10km

7. Point X is in North of point Y and point Y is East of point Z. Point X is ______ with respect to Z.
(a) Northeast    (b) North
(c) East        (d) Northwest

8. Point A is located 8km South of B, and C is located 6km West of A. The distance between C and B is ______.
(a) 8km        (b) 12km
(c) 10km        (d) 9 km

9. I am sixth in a queue numbering from either end. There are ______ persons in the queue.
(a) 11         (B) 9
(c) 7        (d) 13

10. In a cage there are rabbits and pigeons. They have 20 heads and 48 feet. The number of rabbits is ______.
(a) 6         (b) 4
(c) 8         (d) 10

11. A clock seen through a mirror reads quarter past three. The correct time is ______.
(a) Quarter to 9    (b) 15 past 9
(c) 15 to 3    (d) None of these

12. If a man stands upside down with his face toward South. His left hand point will be toward ______.
(a) East        (b) West
(c) North        (d) South

13. A is the father of B, but B is not A’s son. B is the ______ of A.
(a) Daughter     (b) Father
(c) Mother    (d) None of these

14. A party consists of a man and his wife, their two sons and their wives and four children of each son. There are ______ persons in the party.
(a) 24        (b) 14
(c) 34        (d) 16

15. A boy had twice as many sums wrong as right. If he had 24 sums in all, ______ were wrong.
(a) 18        (b) 20
(c) 16        (d)15

16. The old man’s son is my son’s uncle. The old man is my ______.
(a) Brother    (b) Father
(c) Uncle        (d) None of these

17. If Sunday dawned 3 days before yesterday. The day that will dawn two days after tomorrow will be ______.
(a) Sunday    (b) Monday
(c) Thursday    (d) Friday

18. Reaching a party day before yesterday, I was two days late. If day after tomorrow is Friday, the party is scheduled to be held on ______.
(a) Sunday    (b) Monday
(c) Saturday     (d) Thursday

19. If X and Y are parents of Z but Z is not the son of X. Z is X’s ______.
(a) Nephew    (b) Daughter
(c) Father    (d) Aunt

20. Ali’s father says, “I have four sons.” Ali says, “I have only three brothers.” ______ is wrong .
(a) Ali’s Father    (b) Ali
(c) Both         (d) None

21. A is the brother of B, but B is not the brother of A. B is A’s ______.
(a) Nephew          (b) Sister
(c) Mother    (d) None of these

22. In a class of 33, boys outnumber girls by 7. The class has ______ girls.
(a) 13        (b) 26
(c) 40        (d) 47

23. If X is to west of Y and Y is to North of Z, Z is to the ______ of X.
(a) East        (b) Southeast
(c) Southwest       (d) Northeast

24. There are 4 numbers. Average of the first three is 15 and that of the last three is 16. The first number is ______.
(a) 16        (b) 18
(c) 20        (d) 21

25. If you start from point A and walk 5km toward the west, then turn right and walk 4km toward the North, then turn right again and walk 3km. You are going to ______.
(a) North        (b) South
(c) West        (d) East

26. A man faces south and walks 10km, turns west and covers 4km, then turns north and covers 7km. He is at a distance of ______ from the starting point.
(a) 4 km        (b) 5 km
(c) 6 km        (d) 8 km

27. If a doctor gave you 4 tablets and advised you to take each tablet every thirty minutes. It will take you ______ to take all tablets.
(a) 2 hours    (b) 1½ hours
(c) 2½ hours    (d) None of these

28. It takes 2 minutes to boil a single egg. Boiling 5 eggs will take ______.
(a) 2 minutes      (b) 5 minutes
(c) 8 minutes      (d) 10 minutes

29. If Sajid stood on the top rung of a ladder and there were six more rungs the midway step, the ladder has ______ rungs.
(a) 10        (b) 12
(c) 14        (d) 16

30. ______ different three-digit numbers can be formed by 0, 3 and 5, if none is repeated in a number.
(a) 2        (b) 3
(c) 4        (d) 5

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