Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies

The recent changes introduced by the FPSC in the syllabus of Islamic Studies paper have confused CSS students. However, the details of the syllabus reveal that only minor changes have been made. There are only seven main topic heads in the new syllabus and alterations have been made in only two of them. Now it has become imperative for most already-available books that big changes be made to them to make them according to the new syllabus. But, by the grace of Almighty Allah, both English and Urdu versions of my book “Siraj Islamiat” published by Jahangir Books, amply covers the new syllabus. Actually, students have been complaining in the recent years that the Islamiat paper is increasingly being asked out of the defined syllabus contours. Being a keen observer of CSS Islamiat paper trend, and, having experience of mentoring thousands of CSS aspirants, I have written the aforementioned book which contains CSS Islamiat solved papers of last ten years (2006-2015) which brings it in consonance with the new syllabus.

Although “Siraj Islamiat” is more than sufficient for a sound preparation, yet I am working on the following topics and the new edition of the book will soon be available in the market. However, a significant portion of possible questions on new topics have been answered in the following topics of “Siraj Islamiat”:

  1. Pact of Madina.
  2. Treaty of Hudybia
  3. Declaration of Makkah
  4. Last sermon of the Holy Prophet.
  5. Political System of Islam.
  6. Belief in the Holy Prophet.

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