Muslims are not Terrorists

Muslims are not terrorist

At present, the world is facing a grave threat to its existence in form of terrorism that has affected almost all parts of the world. No religion condones the murder of innocents. But, unfortunately, only Muslims are being portrayed by the Western media as the perpetrators of terrorist activities throughout the world. This blame is utterly disgusting because Islam is a religion that professes peace and only peace. In fact, some misguided and strayed individuals are tarnishing the name of Islam with their brutal acts of terrorism. Let it be very clear, Islam does not, in any case, support terrorism. 

Terrorism has no place in Islam. In the contemporary world, wrong portrayal of Islam in the media, misuse and abuse of freedom of speech and a history of conflict between Christians and Muslims have led to a campaign against Islam. But, while discussing terrorism, a fact is entirely ignored: the US, Israel, Russia, India and Nato countries all are involved in transnational terrorism whether it is the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, unrelenting rebellion in Syria or the chronic Israel-Palestine Dispute and Kashmir Issue. All these countries are not Muslim-majority states yet no one dares to question their actions and operations in foreign lands.

It is also a fact that the US, while seeking the doctrine of ‘unilateralism’ has utterly sidelined the United Nations. In recent times, during Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the United States backed — rather used — all Muslim outfits of Mujahideen including Al-Qaeda in order to thwart the expansion of the Communist state and to protect its own interests in the region. Muslims, who were traditionally known as  reformists, were labelled as terrorists after the 9/11 tragedy. This fateful incident intensified the wave of Islamophobia in the West.

Candidly, radical Buddhists in Japan, some anti-Semitic and Latino groups in the US, Naxalite–Maoist insurgency in India, Israeli onslaughts on Palestine, and Tamil uprising in Sri Lanka, all have always been ignored while discussing terrorism. But, on the contrary, if a Muslim commits any such act, media without delay launches tirade against Islam.

Many surveys conducted across the United States have proved that almost 94% of known terrorists in the US are not Muslims. But the Obama administration is concerned only about Muslim extremists. The media outlets also do not cover the terrorist attacks carried out by non-Muslim with same gusto. The IS has been despicably attacking Christians and the Yazidis of Iraq, but no one knows the reality that over the past five years, nearly 90 percent of its victims have been Muslims.

History dictates a very tenable conclusion that Muslims are always on the suffering side. 2,977 people died on 9/11 whereas more than 2,500,000 people have lost their lives in wars to avenge these attacks.

If all the non-Muslim terrorist outfits are unveiled, they would surely outpace Muslim extremists. It is evident that the roots of today’s terrorism lie in the role of ‘non-state actors’.

It’s the time to see Islam and terrorism as two opposites and launch a collective campaign against terrorism. Islam is a religion of peace, and the world should acknowledge it.

The writer has graduated from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro

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