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Jahangir’s World Times is the only magazine that caters for the needs of the candidates of the prestigious competitive exams including CSS, PMS and PCS. Candidates often face difficulties in selection of subjects, choosing the right books, preparing for the interviews and so on. JWT’s CSS GURU is an initiative to provide the guidance candidates may need at any stage. Our guru will answer all your queries. If you want to ask something and need guidance, please write to us or email at the following address: Jahangir’s World Times 121-D, Gulberg II, Lahore. email: cssguru@jworldtimes.com

Dear CSS Guru,
I want to seek your guidance on the matter of books on International Relations. Please recommend me some good books.
Maryam Masood

For International Relations, I can recommend you following books:
1.    International Relations by Joshua S. Goldstine
2.    Contemporary Affairs & International Relations by Prakash Chandra

I am an aspirant of CSS 2014 and my optional subjects are Geography, British History, Sociology and Public Administration. What would you say about this combination according to annual scoring trend?
Please give me your suggestions.
Saqib Hussain

Dear Saqib,
Your subject selection is excellent as all these subjects have good scoring trends in recent years. A few candidates have been disappointed with the results of Sociology but you just need to focus on recent paper patterns of this subject. If you develop a better understanding of the topics, it would not be an uphill task to score good in this paper. Same is true for Geography and British History which demand an up-to-date knowledge of the subject.

Salam Dear Guru
Please tell me in detail about the paper of Business Administration, its trend, marks’ orientation and preferable books for the same. Has Jahangir Books compiled any book on the same subject?
Muhammad Fayaz Khan
Sherpao, Charsadda

Dear Fayaz,
Business Administration paper comprises three sections i.e. Management, Principles of Marketing, and Financial Management. Like other subjects, in recent years, it has given good scores to those who have prepared well for this paper. For Business Administration, JBD Press has published a book entitled “To the Point Business Administration” by Sibtain Afzaal and it covers complete syllabus of this paper.

Dear Sir,
I am in final year of BDS and I will appear in CSS exams after my house job Insha Allah!
Sir, I need to ask that I have selected Zoology, Psychology, Constitutional Law but I am confused regarding choosing between American History and Sociology. Kindly help me which one of these two I should go for, which one is scoring and easier? And also tell me some good books on sociology?
Thank you
Dr Ramsha Akhter

Dear Doctor
Sociology goes well with your combination as much of its syllabus is covered in your other subjects. For Sociology, you may consult these books:
1.    Sociology by Horton and Hunt
2.    Social Problems of Pakistan by Dr. Muhammad     Khalid
3.    To the Point Sociology by Abdullah Khurram     Niazi

Dear Sir,
I appeared in CSS-2013 with optional subjects Indo-Pak History, Psychology, Sociology and Punjabi but I am not completely sure about my success, Therefore, I have decided to appear again in CSS-2014 with Psychology, Zoology, Punjabi and Public Administration as optional subjects. Should I appear with these subjects or switch one or two. What is the scoring trend in Zoology and also suggest good books for it?
Ayesha Rana

Dear Ayesha,
I would suggest you to stop muddling and settle with your subject selection. It seems from your new subject combination that you are a science graduate. In that case, it is a good choice and all your subjects are among the high scoring ones in recent years. Zoology has one of the highest percentages i.e. 60% and above marks, and it indicates its success rate. For Zoology, you may consult,
1.    Zoology by Miller and Harley
2.    Zoology for Competitive Exams by Caravan Publishers
3.    Intermediate Books for Biology

Dear Sir
I appeared in CSS-2013 exam with optional subjects Journalism, Sociology, Public Administration, Muslim Law and Geography. However, due to some reasons, I am going to reappear in 2014. Please tell me that should I continue with same subjects or charging one or two would be better? Some teachers have advised me to go for British History. And, please also tell that should I continue with the same study plan or make some changes?
Javeria Jehangir Lahore

Dear Javeria
First of all, it’s time for you to seriously analyze your attempt and mistakes you think you made in it. Subject selection is the most important step in CSS preparation and needs proper consideration before a decision. Anyway, now is time for you to chew over your subject selection and papers against your preparation. If you think you did justice or can do justice with your subjects, stick with these; if not, the sooner you replace the better it is. British History is a good choice for a number of reasons. Scoring trend for this subject has been really encouraging for hardworking students. The BH syllabus covers many topics of current affairs as well as the political developments in world history of last four centuries. Topics like the two World Wars, French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Imperialism, Capitalism, Socialism, Decolonization, Industrial and Agrarian Revolutions, Cold War, War on Terror, UN, etc., are comprehensively covered in this subject which broadens your knowledge-base. If you are not satisfied with your performance of 2013 attempt, do go for British History.

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