RELIGION A Solution or Itself An Issue


1.     Introduction

2.     An overview of major religions and their injunctions

3.    Some issues apparently created by religion

  • Inter-religious hatred
  • Sectarianism
  • Fanaticism and intolerance
  • Traditionalism and conservatism
  • Gender discrimination
  • Fatalism

4.    Do religions really cause problems or is it     merely an allegation?

5.    Causes of misunderstandings about religions

  • Negative role of religious leaders and so-called religious icons
  • Ineffective contribution by the media
  • Insufficient focus on religious education in modern educational institutes
  • Pursuit of political motives in the guise of religion
  • Lack of civilization

6.    Actual causes of the problems faced by the world

  • Political power games
  • Economic motives of the nations
  • Lack of civilization in human beings
  • Missing element of character-building in educational institutes
  • Poor control over, and monitoring of, scientific advancement
  • Deleterious impacts of electronic and social media

7.    Do religions provide solution to the issues the present world is confronted with?

  • Yes, as all religions:
  • Propagate humanism and provide mechanism for the creation of a terror-free world
  • Inculcate moral values and provide solution to the issue of moral degradation
  • Encourage generosity and benevolence to resolve the poverty and privation issue
    Spread patience and restraint and thus develop a society free of atrocities and injustices
  • Inculcate a sense of accountability and responsibility in the society and address the issue of flouting of laws, rules and principles.
  • Teach self-restraint and self-control and resolve all the issues caused by rapacity and avarice

8. Recommendations for the dissemination of true message of the religions

  • Positive role of religious icons
  • Government’s patronizing the dissemination of religion in its pure form
  • Introduction of religion as integral part of curricula
  • Positive role of media
  • Focus on similarities among different religions

9.    Recommendations for the resolution of world issues

  • Effective role of UNO
  • End of power game
  • Effective role of media in the sensitization of brains
  • Devising modus operandi for countering the detrimental effects of scientific advancement
  • Diverting energies toward the achievement of SDGs
  • Compassionate, considerate and solicitous attitude of the superpowers.

10.         Conclusion

How to Write The Essay

  1. Start introductory paragraph with general discussion about religion and its need. Afterwards, mention some facts owing to which religion is blamed for being the root cause of all the issues. Then, at the end of the paragraph, give thesis statement. I would advise you to take a pro-religion stance; otherwise, it may be difficult for you to come up with some logical and convincing arguments.
  2. In the second paragraph, your discussion should cover a brief overview of the major religions of the world along with their teachings. Do bear in mind that the scope of this essay is not confined to any particular religion, therefore, you have to present your arguments based on the general teachings of all the religions.
  3. While expanding the third main point, use at least three paragraphs for the description of the issues which allegedly have their roots in the religion. In this part, too, quote relevant examples but without focusing on any one religion.
  4. Fourth main point addresses the basic question asked in the essay. Build this part of the essay on solid arguments spread over 6-8 pages. Be logical and sharply focused  in your arguments. Repetition of arguments merely to cover space will be detrimental to your effort. So, do avoid it!
  5. Two types of causes would be given in this essay. First you would explain why religions are unjustly blamed for different issues and second, highlight the real causes which create such issues. These causes should normally cover a space of four to six paragraphs; depending upon the page size and your writing pattern.
  6. Sixth main point of the outline also addresses the basic query contained in the essay topic. In this part, you should prove with rational arguments that religions provide solution to all sorts of issues the world is confronted with. While expanding this point, candidates having detailed preparation for Islamiat paper would never face any deficiency of material. References from the holy books and the lives of the prophets and religious leaders should mandatorily be made.
  7. Since recommendations are always based on the “causes” given in the essay, therefore, recommendations in this essay would also be given in two sets. In the first set, recommend some measures for the dissemination of true message of all the religions, while in the second set, highlight some practicable steps to address the world issues.
  8. In the concluding paragraphs, discuss briefly the arguments you have presented in the essay. Usually, concluding paragraphs covers space approximately equal to the space consumed by the introductory paragraphs.

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