A brief concept of Muslim Ummah Challenges in the modern age

Social challenges
Economic challenges
Political challenges
Religious challenges

Responsibilities of Muslim Ummah

In social field

Fight against obscenity  and vulgarity
Make efforts for improving the status as well as the rights of women
Protect the endangered structure of family
Strive for social equality and justice
Eradicate the evils of drugs and narcotics
Contribute to the fight against diseases
Spread and enforce moral values of Islam

In economic field

Eradication of economic disparities
Elimination of poverty through the system of Zakat
Introduction of a riba-free financial system

In political field

Fight for the provision of basic human rights to all the human beings
Work for the introduction of mushawarat (consultation)-based political system across the globe
Play an effective role in the resolution of interstate conflicts
Make all-out efforts to eradicate the menace of terrorism

In religious field

Making people aware on the importance of religion
Working to spread the  true message of Islam across the globe
Creating and promoting inter-religion harmony

Is Muslim Ummah fulfilling its responsibilities?

Why Muslim Ummah is unable to discharge its responsibilities?

Lack of unity owing to sectarian conflicts
Absence of a truly representative organization of the Ummah
Abandoning Ijtihad
Negative role of religious scholars
Callous approach of the rich Islamic states
Prevalence of poverty  and illiteracy within the Islamic world
Economic backwardness of the Muslim states
Absence of a representative media

Recommendations for enabling the Ummah to perform its duties

Establishment of a platform specifically for the resolution of sectarian issues
Revival of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) as a vibrant organization
Immediate and consensus-based steps for the conduct of Ijtihad
Discouragement of fanatics and extremists present among the religious scholars
Considerate role of affluent Islamic states toward the deprived ones
Joint efforts for the promotion of basic and higher education within the Islamic world
Devising and implementing a meticulous and practicable economic policy for the Muslim states
Establishment of forum for the promotion of research and technology
Establishment of a representative media organization
Steps for the improvement of the image of the Ummah



  1. As I always advise, do start your introductory paragraph with an attractive sentence. The discussion in the start of the paragraph would be general which would become extremely topic-specific in the form of Thesis Statement at the end of the paragraph.
  2. While describing the concept of “Ummah,” you should use references from the Holy Quran and Hadith to clarify and support it. It is allowed to quote the text in Arabic, provided it is followed by its English translation as well.
  3. Describe the heading “Challenges posed by the modern age” in at least four paragraphs. Use of facts and figures in this part is highly recommended. When quoting data, it is always imperative to mention the source also.
  4. 8-10 paragraphs, at least, should be used to discuss the responsibilities of the “Ummah” in the modern age. Quotations, data, references from famous books and from international reports, Quranic verses and Hadith; all would be used in this part to substantiate the arguments and convince the examiner of the high quality of the material.
  5. While writing on causes, you should narrate your stance in the very first sentence of the paragraph and in the next 3-4 sentences, you should explain and justify it with the help of relevant material. Repetition of ideas is strictly prohibited here.
  6. Recommendations should be highly practicable and logical. They should not contain a mere wish list. While giving recommendations, also suggest their implementation mechanism.
  7. While writing the essay, quote practical examples from the prevalent situation of the Muslim world. However, be highly objective while criticizing or appreciating the policies or role of any state particularly on religious grounds.

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