Students Should go to Teachers Instead of Academies

In a nutshell, preparing for the exam by memorising is not the key to success but taking tests matter which help them a lot in bagging top positions.

With final exam just around the corner, students are confused what to do in this situation because many of them fail to mismanagement and wastage of their precious time in futile practices.

When January starts, students must take their knowledge of all their subjects relatively. I usually see, during the last many years, that students keep memorizing the notes and do not pay attention to the written portion whether it is a subject of English, Islamiat, Pakistan affairs or optional subjects. One should be very careful especially in the months of January and February.

As the month of January begins, students must take the test of English Essay and English Comprehension by those teachers who can guide them concerning their problems in this context? I have observed that a majority of the students go to that English teacher who just checks the papers and does not discuss issues as they have a large number of students to attend to as a result, the majority of students fail. I request those students that they should contact only those English teachers who can guide and discuss with them about their problems. This is the major problem of students who make wrong choices.

In order to overcome this problem, students should go to those teachers who can guide them in detail. Secondly, students should practise a number of short essays, précis and long essays for confidence in  expression.

Thirdly, they must take compulsory and optional subjects test. As I have seen, there are students who pass English but are not able to get seats due to less marks in the optional and compulsory subjects. My advice is that the hopefuls must take optional and compulsory subjects to those teachers who have time to guide them instead of going to CSS academies where there is no discussion about the test as these academies just want the enrolment of students to cash their names in future. Therefore, the students should go to teachers instead of academies.

Fourthly, preparation of the long essay and current affairs is necessary. For this purpose, students must take current affairs classes as this subject helps in long essay, Pakistan affairs, Islamiat and other subjects.

Fifthly, it is high time that students take their test before February 23 on the pattern they final in the exam, I mean to say that one should practise on similar pattern as CSS. Candidates should take February 12 as final date and take the test similarly on the CSS pattern. In this way, they go through the process which is beneficial for their written expression and vocabulary.

In a nutshell, preparing for the exam by memorising is not the key to success but taking tests matter which help them a lot in bagging top positions.

By: Zahid Ashraf

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