Physiotherapy: The Art of Life

Research Report Jul-2019


The Art of Life

Atif Sheikh

It was a day in the year 2013 that I suddenly started feeling a strange pain. Although it was not so intense, it nagged me persistently. This pain, which would start from just below the shoulders and extend to the upper chest, kept me rattled especially during the nighttime. It restricted the movement of my arms, shoulders and neck. In this situation, the first dreadful thought that came to my mind was: I might have contracted some heart problem. So, I visited a cardiologist who performed ECG and ETT on me; however, by the grace of Almighty, reports proved my apprehension wrong. The doctor advised me to consult a neurophysician. I acted upon his advice and went to a neurophysician who, after knowing details about my physique, neck position, sitting posture and other symptoms, opined that my nervous system has been affected. So, he prescribed a few exercises and medicine. His medication and exercises proved effective and I started feeling better. However, just before the course ended, the same excruciating pain reappeared. Thinking that it might have been due to heavy workload, I took leave from the office to have complete bed rest.  In spite of that my condition did not improve.

One day I was going through the pages of Jahangir’s World Times magazine when an article, penned by Dr Mehmood Alam Durrani, got my attention. The conditions he had described in his article were similar to those I was feeling those days. A hope was kindled in my heart that Dr Durrani might be the person I was looking for to rid myself of the agonising pain I had been suffering from for many a week. I contacted the editor of the magazine and, somehow, got Dr Durrani’s contact number. Soon I contacted him and came to know that he was a physiotherapist. I had heard about this field as I had seen that in a game of cricket, hockey or football, when a player would suffer an injury, a man would enter the ground with a small bag and would administers some exercise, give the injured player something to drink and apply some spray. Commentators would call that person a physio. I used to call his treatment a magic as the player would instantly get back to his feet. But, I didn’t know about the scientific base of the treatment. Nonetheless, I booked an appointment with Dr Durrani and on the specified time I reached his clinic. During the check-up when I told him about my condition and how I felt with that pain, he asked a number of questions, e.g. the nature of my job, length of computer- and mobile-use time, my routine of exercise or walk, sitting posture while watching television, position of neck, my height and weight, if I had a joint pain, pillow position while sleeping, family medical history, if I had diabetes or blood pressure, and so on. He noted all the answers I gave to this flurry of questions. In the light of his findings, he prescribed an x-ray examination and some other tests, and advised me to come the next day with the reports.

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