In Conversation with Nazia Mohal, (PMS 2012 1st Position)

‘One should always try to improve one’s professional as well as educational expertise’ 

Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): Our readers would be curious about your background, so would you please share this part of your life with them?

Nazia Mohal: I hail from a village in district Hafizabad and I received my primary education there. My father is a renowned lawyer and legal expert. The utmost desire of my father was to see me a notable advocate. To materialize this desire of my loving father, I did LLB from the Punjab University Law College. I learnt not only law but also a lot of social and political phenomena, issues and solutions, the knowledge of which made me prudent and brave. Soon, I started my professional career as a practicing Lawyer. Later on, I appeared in the PPSC examination held for the post of Inspector Anti-corruption Establishment, and I stood first.

I believe that one should always try to improve one’s professional as well as educational expertise. So, I appeared in PMS examination and Alhamdulillah got the top position.

As per the aspirations of my father and with a view to carry on his mission, I also participate in social work activities. I have guided many poor families to receive loans on lenient conditions or donations from NGOs. Now they can earn their bread and butter with honour and dignity. I am a member of Fatimid Blood Donating Society as well.

JWT: To top the PMS exam, is certainly a big task rather a fevered dream of thousands of candidates. Please tell our readers the secret behind this incredible success.

NM: Actually, it was my first attempt and by the grace of Allah Almighty, I got the first position. As far as securing this remarkable achievement is concerned, I would simply say that it was all the result of incessant efforts coupled with invaluable guidance from my teachers. I would also say that the optional subjects played a key role in my success. I would advise all the aspirants, especially of PMS, that they should choose the optional subjects wisely for which consulting the seniors and teachers is imperative.

JWT: In your opinion preparing from books is preferable or one should resort to notes?

NM: I think, the selection of book for any subject plays a vital role. In my opinion, for any subject, the prospective candidates should select a single book which covers almost all or maximum aspects of the syllabus. I did the same and selected a single book for each paper except General Knowledge as it requires day-to-day updates. Notes don’t seem handy in this case.

JWT: Most candidates fail English Essay and General Knowledge papers. What are your views on the reasons behind this?

NM: It is usually observed that students having rural background mostly fail the essay paper because they are not acquainted with the art of creative writing and they mostly rely on crammed material.  Scoring good marks in English requires better understanding of grammar. I would sum up it in an adage, ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. General knowledge is another important paper in PMS. I divided the world map into different regions and portions and then studied all the necessary information related to these regions and countries. For example, geographical locations, neighbouring countries, personalities related to these regions, issues, political parties, news agencies, capitals, weather conditions, agriculture products, history and current issues.

JWT: What strategy one should adopt to make a difference?

NM: For unique expression, one should present the best material on the given topic in a coherent way and it should manifest that the candidate has a grasp over the topic. The latest information should be incorporated as well.

JWT: What sort of guidance is required for the candidates aspiring to CSS or PMS? How do you see the Jahangir’s World Times (JWT) as far as guidance for PMS exam is concerned?

NM: For fresh candidates, the selection of optional subjects matters a lot. Optional subjects can be selected according to taste and scoring trends. After the subjects’ selection, a wise choice of books is the next major step. The guidance from seniors and teachers is also crucial in this regard. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to seek guidance from Sir Abdur Rashid, Sir Imran, Sir Hammd and last but not the least my uncle Mr Mushtaq Mohal whose mentoring paid off in interview.

Jahangir’s World Times is an excellent source of information and guidance for the CSS and PMS aspirants as it covers all aspects of these prestigious exams. For better preparation, I would advise all the prospective candidates to read JWT regularly. I, myself, consulted all JWT issues during my preparation, particularly for GK paper. In CSS, it is a great and reliable source for all the papers, especially, Current Affairs.

JWT: Please tell us about your score in the PMS exam.

NM: I would like to share my DMC with your readers.

JWT: Do you believe in luck factor in PMS? Is PMS difficult from CSS?

NM: I would like to answer this question in the words of Thomas Jefferson who once said, ‘I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.’

PMS and CSS are equally difficult and require consistent and serious efforts. So, do your best hard work and put in maximum efforts and then leave it to your luck as it, definitely, plays its role. Every student prepares to his best and wishes for the top position but it is the luck which places them on different positions. In this context, I would say that my daughter Manal has proved to be very lucky for me.

JWT: Would you like to give any message for the readers of Jahangir’s World Times (JWT)?

NM: Through the JWT, I would like to say to those aspiring to the competitive exams that always work hard but simultaneously seek proper guidance from seniors and teachers as well. Group studies also make the task easy and interesting. I also want to convey a message to the family of such students that they should cooperate with them, always encourage them and never hurt their feelings if a mishap comes in the way. I would also like to thank my family, especially, my in-laws as they always encouraged me during the whole preparation.

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