In Conversation with Dr Anoosh Masood Chaudhry, PSP 34th-2011

‘Proper guidance is always needed but the candidate has to be self-reliant’

Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): May I know your academic details and the achievements?

Dr Anoosh Masood Chaudhry: I did MBBS from Fatima Jinnah Medical College, Lahore, with distinction and got the Gold Medal.

After that I did one-year House Job at Mayo Hospital. I used to participate in all the academic activities and gave numerous presentations in different national and international medical and surgical conferences. I was also awarded for being the youngest participant at SAARC International Conference of Dermatology 2008. My scientific papers have been published in Journal of King Edward Medical University.

JWT: What’s behind getting this prestigious position?

AMC: By the grace of Allah, it is a reward of determination, dedication and hard and smart work.

JWT:  Do you think PSP is far more superior than other groups?

AMC: My first preference was PSP. It is a challenging and no doubt a demanding service. I chose it as I found it having close resemblance to medical profession. Both the fields are meant to provide immediate relief to the sufferers. There are a few other factors among many:

1.     PSP provides a platform to explore new dimensions of life which otherwise, in case of woman, is                 hard to be explored.

2.     PSP is uniform wearing service and I’m quite passionate about the uniform.

3.     PSP gives a woman great opportunity to deal with difficult situations, which she encounters in her              professional life.

4.     It is a thrilling job and best suited to the people who like thrill.

JWT:  Did you join any academy or prepared on your own?

AMC: I consulted some seniors, but I managed myself rest of the things.

JWT:  Did you prefer books or notes? What should be the plan for the preparation?

 AMC: I consulted some good books and notes. The main focus should be on making your own notes.

 JWT:  What strategy one should adopt to become prominent among others?

AMC:  As I mentioned earlier, first of all one should prepare one’s own notes consulting books and material available on the internet. Secondly, express ideas in a candid language. Thirdly, try to add a few good facts to substantiate the answer. Fourthly, add graphs and tables to the answer.

JWT:  Majority of candidates do not get through in English Essay and English Composition paper. What precautions or steps would you suggest for these two important papers?

AMC:   There is always a technique to solve these papers. Both demand lot of practice. In essay writing, ideas should be clear and written with a flow. Evidences should be added to support your arguments. In English Composition paper, precis and composition should be practised as many times as possible and got checked by some expert.

JWT:  Seeking guidance prior to exam has always been an essential prerequisite of CSS so, what sort of guidance is required for the fresh aspirants, and how do you see the Jahangir’s World Times as far as guidance for CSS exam is concerned?

AMC:  Proper guidance is always needed but the candidate has to be self-reliant. The aspirant should not indulge in intricate details; instead they should focus on major aspects related to the exam. Jahangir’s World Times is a very good source of first-hand knowledge for CSS and it plays the role of a guide. It has few unique features which make it suitable for the aspirants, like easy language, elucidation of ideas, credibility and relevance of the material with the main area in focus.

JWT:  Do you believe in luck-factor in CSS? As we always notice number of average students gets allocations whereas talented and scholarly students are unable to pass this exam? 

AMC:  Yes, I do believe in prayers and luck-factor. It is not a scholarly exam, I must mention here. There is a specific line of action which has to be followed by the aspirants. As there is a different key for every lock so is the case with exams. Every exam has a different technique to be qualified. So it is important that the candidate knows the dynamics of this exam.

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