Democracy of Inhumanity


Democracy of Inhumanity and we the people of Global Conscience 

In a synoptic view, global leaders professing to be wise and smart for being elected, turned out to be naïve and egoistically foolish. Once elected under the so-called democracy, they focus their minds on how to get re-elected and how to continue a tragic normality of abnormality against the masses that elected them. Agreeably, 21st-century’s knowledge-based political affairs require true and effective leadership having a comprehensive sense of human rights, dignity and kindness towards fellow human beings, and versatile understanding of navigational change when facts of political life warrant a change. Most contemporary leaders of the world appear to rejoice self-centred evil-mongering, not wisdom and truth of people-oriented political systems of governance. Ideas and ideals that defy reasoning and truth are gushingly operative in aerial bombing of the innocents in Syria, killings of protesters in Iraq, India, Egypt, Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia, Kashmir, Yemen, Libya and not to mention the large-scale civilian displacements of refugees sheltered in Western European nations, Turkey and Lebanon out of bloodbath in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and forcibly-evicted Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar (previously Burma).

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