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Humanity Looks to Unity in Crisis

Humanity Looks to Unity in Crisis

Some Thoughts on Massacre of Muslim Worshippers in Christchurch

“And if we do act, in however small a way, we don’t have to wait for some grand utopian future. The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvellous victory.”

– Howard Zinn
Late American historian and distinguished scholar of peace, justice and humanity

Tragic Insanity at Place of Worship

Killing innocent people undoubtedly is a heinous crime against humanity. The global political consciousness is obsessed with terms like ‘terrorism’, ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘extremism’, knowing neither its reality nor how and why it is happening across the globe. The 21st-century global humanity is conscientious as to how some political propagandists feed people with false flags and imagery to incite hatred, violence and human destruction in societies having liberal democracies. Often leaders make or break the abstract imagery of the merchants of catastrophic evils with racial overtones as if colour and ethnicity are superior to the equality of human norms. The Christchurch killer Brenton Tarrant was greeted at the Al-Noor Mosque entrance with “Assalam-o-Alaikum brother” (Welcome to peace, brother), but this savage, blood-thirsty man gunned down the very person who welcomed him to the mosque. Tarrant live-streamed his callousness and insanity on social media for more than 30 minutes to ‘entertain’ millions of sick minds with cruel ‘revenge’ on the innocent Muslim worshippers. The men of God had no idea what was in waiting for the ultimate insanity to be performed.

This terrorist attack reflects hatred and inhumanity in its worst form and action. Not surprisingly, Tarrant’s ‘manifesto’ corresponds to the prevalent policies and practices of the far right white supremacists in the Western societies as it does to the stance of President Donald Trump. The attacker believed that Muslim refugees were there to take over the European culture and civilization. Islamophobia is not an abstract phenomenon; it is a highly organized sociopolitical pursuit in many Western cultures and is aimed at dehumanizing the Muslim population with unrelenting fear and hatred. Thomas Paine (The Rights of Man) said it wisely: “Man is not the enemy of man, but through the medium of a false system of Government. … and instead of seeking to reform the individual, the wisdom of a nation should apply itself to reform the system.”

We the People vs. We the Humanity

As informed, rational global citizens, we look for, out of this unexcitable shadow of darkness, the unity of human consciousness in situations of abnormal crisis and bloodshed. An ideal specimen of humanity and compassion was extended by the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, who took immediate action to protect the beleaguered Muslim community with sympathy, understanding and protective measures. It was convergence of all humanity on shared moral and religious sentiments that we are ‘One Humanity before God’ and that benevolence and freedom of worship unites us in bonds common across the universal landscape. Contrary to the attacker’s imagination and plan, the people of New Zealand, Australia, UK, Canada, USA, Turkey, Pakistan and Russia, as well as the Scandinavian countries and other parts of human civilizations poured in condolences and resolved that the mosque’s killings were a despicable act of terrorism that is unjustifiable and unwarranted in the civilized world. The global reaction appeared rational in a spirit of universal compassion and understanding.

What motivated the attacker to target Muslim worshippers at the two mosques in Christchurch? The answer lies with a thorough police investigation currently in progress, but the agenda and the manifesto of the attacker (sent to the Kiwi Premier) leaves no room for speculation except the reality of the Islamophobia pretext. An important feature of the world we live in today is that all human actions are interconnected to the socioeconomic and political environment that we encompass. Our thoughts, faculties and values are the possession and means by which we compose our outlook, behaviour and priorities. If the attacker was inspired by the overwhelming Western pursuit of “Islamophobia,” and he wanted to secure some hallmarks by acts of sadistic brutality against the innocents, he was wrong and foolish. His action instead created a global will and resilience to be united against the perpetuated evil and insanity. In fact, it revived a moral and intellectual capacity and passion to stand against the evil-mongering, white supremacy and religious intolerance. Agreeably, the notion of evil does have an idea of force and power across the 21st-century world. We have seen it happening in America under Trump administration, and also in Eastern Europe during the recent refugee and migrant crises.

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