If TRUMP is Re-elected


If TRUMP is Re-elected

As the people of the United States are going to vote on November 03, it may be time to know about the American approach to the world if Donald Trump is re-elected. Trump represents a strong political trend which feels that global commitments have impoverished the US and that the world has, somehow, exploited American generosity. Trump’s 2016 election victory and his populist appeal rested on the economic dislocations that were accentuated by the 2008 recession, but even more on polarising cultural changes related to race, the role of women and gender identity. Trump successfully linked white resentment over the increasing visibility and influence of racial and ethnic minorities to foreign policy by blaming economic insecurity and wage stagnation on bad trade deals and immigration. So, the 2020 election is all set to bring profound changes to the United States as well as the whole world. How great that change will be, depends on whether Trump is a one-term or two-term president.

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