It’s All about Money, Who believes anyone can become the US president?

Americans elect a president every four years and quite interestingly every time, the campaign-finance experts predict that it’s going to be the most expensive election in country’s history. This year’s election is also no exception as it has already been estimated that the 2016 election is going to be the most expensive in history. As per estimates, these will cost a whopping amount of $10 billion. The huge sums of money being raised and spent by both the candidates are in effect a mockery of the claims that anyone can become the President of the United States because it’s the democracy wherein the people rule.

The role of big money in the presidential campaign has become so obvious that even the corporate-controlled media can’t cover it up any longer. The Washington Post, for example, published a report on July 16 whose headline left little to the imagination: “2016 fundraising shows power tilting to groups backed by wealthy elite.” The article noted that “independent” expenditures by so-called super PACs — political action committees loosely linked to the candidates — would for the first time exceed the spending by the candidates and their official campaign committees.

Both the frontrunners have already raised and spent dozens of millions of dollars till date, meaning thereby that if you can’t get together a billion or two billion dollars, you don’t have a chance to be the American President.

In its May 7 edition, the Economist reported: “It is reckoned that political candidates, parties, and outside groups will spend at least $5 billion on the 2016 election, more than double the cost of the 2012 campaign. Hillary Clinton alone is expected to raise and spend about half of that if she wins her party’s nomination and goes on to November’s election for President.”

Do you still think that it’s the democracy Americans preach to the world?

Cost of US Election

Cost of US Election

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