Will Coronavirus bring an end to globalization?


Will Coronavirus bring an end to globalization?

Haroon Gulzar

It was 19th of December 2019 when a 55-year-old individual from Wuhan city in China tested positive for a new type of flu. Initially, people considered and dealt with it like normal flu but the havoc that it would play with everyone’s life in the year 2020 was beyond everyone’s imagination. The Coronavirus disease, or Covid-19, branded the year 2020 as the year of pandemic. It has just turned the world upside down. Within days the virus had spread from its point of origin across the globe. Governments all over the world announced lockdowns. Major cities, businesses, schools, gyms and restaurants were shut down in a matter of days. International flights were banned so as to control the spread of polyhedron of Covid-19. The unimaginable had happened; the world had come to a screeching halt. So much so that people started discussing the reversal of global warming since the injection of pollutants in the environment had fallen drastically. In short, the world was left clueless as to what could be done to stop the damage.

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